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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Sage Line 50

Author Introduction

02m 46s

Introduction To The Sage Interface

01m 56s

Setting Up A Company

06m 48s

Back Up And Restore

04m 16s

Company Preferences

04m 25s


02m 48s

Chapter: Supplier

Navigation Of Suppliers

02m 11s

Setting Up A Supplier

03m 52s

Supplier Invoices

04m 51s

Supplier Credit Notes

01m 57s

Supplier Letters

01m 22s

Other Supplier Functions

03m 37s

Supplier Reports

03m 45s

Chapter 2 Review

01m 39s

Chapter: Customers

Navigation Of Customers

01m 20s

Setting Up A Customer

02m 55s

Entering Invoices By Batch

01m 29s

Creating Invoices

07m 32s

Recurring Invoices

02m 13s

Credit Notes By Batch

01m 7s

Creating Credit Notes

01m 32s

Sending Statements

02m 49s

Customer Letters

03m 3s

Other Customer Functions

01m 57s

Customer Reports

02m 3s

Chapter 3 Review

02m 0s

Chapter: Bank

Navigation Of The Bank

01m 43s

Bank Receipts

03m 49s

Setting Up Bank Accounts

03m 36s

Bank Payments

04m 11s

Supplier Payments

03m 3s

Effects On Activity - Suppliers

02m 33s

Customer Receipts

03m 36s

Effects On Activity - Customers

02m 12s

Recurring Transactions

03m 51s


03m 17s

Reconciling The Bank Part 1

05m 36s

Reconciling The Bank Part 2

02m 22s

Chapter 4 Review

03m 19s

Chapter: Company

Navigation Of Company

01m 6s

Setting Up Nominal Codes

01m 56s

What Is A Nominal Code

02m 53s

Viewing The Nominal Ledger

04m 11s

Viewing Nominal Activity

01m 54s

Effects Of The Nominal Ledger

01m 33s

Viewing The Chart Of Accounts

02m 2s

Accruals And Prepayments

01m 44s

Using The Audit Trail

02m 43s

Chapter 5 Review

01m 58s

Chapter: Journals And Correcting Errors

The Journal And Correction Of Errors

00m 53s

Using Maintenance

06m 15s

Credits And Debits

05m 38s

What Is A Journal?

02m 7s

Using Journals

03m 20s

Reversing Errors

05m 56s

Suspense Account

02m 31s


04m 35s

Stock Journals

05m 19s

Chapter 6 Review

02m 36s

Chapter: Projects

Navigating Projects

00m 46s

Why Use Projects

01m 11s

Setting Up Projects

03m 8s

Status Of Project

02m 38s

Supplier Invoices For Projects

02m 33s

Customer Invoices For Projects

02m 7s

Bank Payments For Projects

01m 52s

Charges In Projects

02m 27s

Budgets In Projects

02m 19s

Reports For Projects

01m 44s

Chapter 7 Review

01m 58s

Chapter: Financial Reports

Introduction To Reports

00m 32s

The Importance Of Reports

01m 42s

Creating A VAT Return

05m 8s

VAT Return Step 2 - Journals

02m 3s

Cash Accounting

02m 33s

Printing A Profit And Loss Report

01m 17s

Exploring The Profit And Loss Report

03m 6s

Printing A Balance Sheet

00m 50s

Exploring A Balance Sheet

05m 14s

Nominal Activity Report

01m 42s

Trial Balance

01m 1s

Creditors And Debtors Analysis

02m 1s

Saving/Backing Up Your Data

01m 35s

Chapter 8 Review

00m 39s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

00m 35s