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Table of Contents

Chapter: Efficiency: Getting More Done without Taking More Time


01m 46s

Logging Clips at Warp Speed

05m 4s

Working with Reference Movies

05m 15s

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

02m 44s

Proper Log and Capture Workflow

05m 21s

Working with Offline Edits

06m 2s

Working with Multi Cams in Final Cut Pro

04m 37s

Working with Final Cut Pro Internal Tools

03m 2s

Working with Nested Sequences

02m 12s

What We Learned

00m 43s

Chapter: Editing: Beyond Cut, Copy, and Paste


00m 39s

Removing a Blade Edit

03m 12s

The Trim Edit Window

04m 22s

Roll Edits, to the Max

04m 6s

Ripple Edits that Work

03m 48s

Performing a Slip in the Viewer

04m 40s

Electronic Storyboards

03m 2s

Cutting Audio Beat-by-Beat

07m 4s

What We Learned

00m 43s

Chapter: Editing: Playing Well with Others


00m 46s

Creating a Window Burn

06m 44s

Protecting Your Work with Watermarks

04m 59s

Changing Titling Fonts

05m 34s

Exporting Markers as a Text List

02m 38s

Working with SmoothCam

04m 38s

Converting 4:3 Footage to 16:9

05m 39s

Using Media Manager to UP-Rez your video

04m 58s

What We Learned

00m 43s

Chapter: Editing: With Flair


00m 31s

Using the Vectorscope

07m 42s

Perfecting Dissolves

05m 37s

Chroma Key with a Twist

06m 16s

The Need for Speed

05m 2s

Creative Uses for Slugs

06m 59s

Zooming on the Playhead

02m 26s

Power Marking

03m 8s

What We Learned

00m 42s

Chapter: Editing: Working with Clips and Frames


00m 54s

Identifying Affiliate Clips in a Sequence

04m 44s

Working with Match Frames

03m 56s

Matching Freeze Frames

02m 48s

Matching Subclips

03m 18s

What We Learned

00m 44s

Chapter: Editing: What You See is What You Get


00m 55s

Gradient Wipes to the Max

05m 4s

Using a Filter to Generate a Transition

04m 17s

Creating Backdrops on the Fly

03m 40s

Creative Uses of the Blink Filter

04m 1s

What We Learned

00m 42s

Chapter: Editing: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due


00m 34s

Creating a Side-by-Side Credit Roll

03m 32s

Using a Push Slide Transition on Text

03m 27s

Animating a Title Effect

08m 12s

Animating a Gradient

05m 10s

What We Learned

00m 31s

Chapter: Effects: Change is Good


01m 0s

Creating a Film Look to Digital Video

03m 30s

Aging a video

02m 39s

Creating a Aged Look with Vignettes & Color

02m 33s

Generating a Cartoon-Like Effect

05m 34s

Creating a Spotlight Effect

07m 25s

Blurring Facial Features

03m 39s

Matching Color Between Clips

04m 4s

What We Learned

00m 55s

Chapter: Effects: Additional Tricks


00m 56s

Using Gradients for Customized Color Effects

04m 0s

Generating FCP Animations

04m 49s

Still Frame Tricks

01m 32s

Picture in Picture

01m 52s

Exploring FCP Filters

03m 4s

What We Learned

01m 7s

Chapter: Exporting: The End Game


00m 45s

Print to Video Tricks

02m 25s

Publishing to MobileMe

02m 46s

Working with iChat Theater Preview

02m 56s

Working with FCP Pro Share

04m 59s

Working with Chapter & Compression Markers

04m 7s

Burning Blu-Ray Disks

03m 17s

What We Learned

00m 51s

Chapter: Exporting: Final Thoughts


01m 3s

Working with ProRes 4x4

03m 29s

Exporting HDV and XDCAM with ProRes

02m 21s

When to use (and not use) Native codec's

03m 23s

Adjusting Gamma from Mac to Windows

02m 39s

What We Learned

02m 24s