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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Premiere CS5


02m 53s

Project Panel

00m 55s

Creating A New Project

05m 55s

Sequence Presets

05m 12s


07m 36s

Keyboard Shortcuts

02m 26s


04m 38s

Chapter: New Features

Mercury Playback Engine

01m 15s

Native Tapeless Formats

01m 59s

Final Cut Pro/Avid Compatibility

00m 56s

Photoshop Compatibilty

01m 9s

DSLR Video Compatibility

01m 3s

Chapter: Bringing In Video Assets

Project Panel

06m 51s

Media Browser

05m 10s

Digital Clips

06m 52s

Using Bridge

06m 26s

Chapter: Tool Bar

Selection Bar (Move Tool)

06m 22s

Track Select Tool

03m 9s

Ripple Edit Tool

04m 22s

Rolling Edit Tool

04m 52s

Rate Stretch Tool

03m 18s

Razor Tool

01m 41s

Slip Tool

02m 30s

Slide Tool

01m 33s

Pen Tool, Hand Tool & Zoom Tool

02m 37s

Chapter: Workspaces

Managing Workspaces

03m 21s


05m 53s

Color Correction

03m 34s


05m 25s


01m 30s


03m 14s

Chapter: Menu Bar


06m 4s


05m 31s


02m 8s


03m 27s


03m 29s


01m 29s

Title (Intro), Window, Help Menus

02m 19s

Chapter: Editing Video


06m 57s

Transitions Part 1

05m 15s

Transitions Part 2

07m 12s

Building The Project; Stacking Multiple Tracks

05m 32s

Color Correcting Part 1

06m 21s

Color Correcting Part 2

07m 41s


07m 37s

Chapter: Audio

Basic Theories

02m 48s

Audio Mixer

04m 49s

Compression Theory Part 1

09m 20s

Compression Theory Part 2

06m 46s

Audio Presets

06m 45s

Audio Effects

08m 54s

Mixing Music And Voice

09m 51s

Adjusting Volume

10m 12s

Chapter: Titles


01m 45s

Static Titles

06m 50s

Rolling Credits

06m 12s

Title Styles

02m 32s

Title Templates

01m 12s

Custom Templates

04m 44s

Chapter: Working With Photoshop

Importing Basics

02m 26s

Basic Image Preparation

06m 9s

Importing PSD Files

03m 6s

Importing Multiple Images For Time Lapse Animation

09m 25s

Adobe Bridge

04m 50s

Chapter: Exporting

Conversion Basics

04m 18s

DVD Authoring; Adobe Encore

01m 56s

h.264 And MPEG4

04m 25s

Flash, Quicktime And Windows Media

02m 12s

Adobe Media Encoder

03m 14s

Chapter: About The Author


00m 41s

About The Author

01m 23s