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Table of Contents

Chapter: Solid Modeling


01m 2s

Move Edges

03m 14s

Scale And Rotate Edges

04m 9s

Move Faces

02m 41s

Rotate, Shear, And Fold Faces

03m 6s

Merging And Splitting Faces

04m 10s

Making And Placing Holes

05m 51s

Round And Revolved Holes

06m 23s

Hole Arrays

05m 23s

Hole Editing

04m 14s


04m 49s

Boss, Rib, And Slab

05m 58s

Solids Exercise - Curves Layout

07m 9s

Solids Exercise - Solids

09m 41s

Chapter: Object Handling And Visibility

Hiding And Locking

06m 25s


04m 37s

Selecting Objects

05m 10s

Undo And Redo

05m 25s

Align And Set Point

04m 54s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Bottle

Project - Bottle - Reference Image Layout

05m 26s

Project - Bottle - Curve Layout

05m 46s

Project - Bottle - Curve Adjustment

07m 43s

Project - Bottle - Surfacing

10m 52s

Project - Bottle - Adding Thickness

04m 31s

Project - Bottle - Cap

03m 31s

Chapter: The Cplane

World Coordinates And The Cplane

06m 59s

Setting View And Cplane

06m 47s

Saved Cplanes And Mplane

06m 56s

Remap And Project To Cplane

05m 38s

Named Position

03m 36s

Chapter: Mesh Tools

Mesh Offset

06m 40s

NURBS And Mesh Heightfield

05m 1s

Extract And Apply Mesh

05m 24s

Join, Split Disjoint, Weld, And Unweld

03m 54s

Mesh Exercise - Mesh Repair

03m 35s

Mesh Exercise - Textured Ring

10m 6s

Chapter: Model Prints And Options


04m 50s

Dimensioning Options

04m 3s

Customize Viewport

07m 2s

Page View

04m 30s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Ring

Project - Ring - Cross-section Setup

03m 3s

Project - Ring - Surfacing With History

04m 28s

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Part 1

04m 16s

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Part 2

06m 42s

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Part 3

04m 38s

Chapter: Blocks

Defining Blocks

03m 56s

Redefining Blocks

04m 23s

Inserting Blocks

04m 11s

Inserting External Files

04m 37s

Linked File Block Update

03m 21s

Chapter: Modeling Tutorial - Boat Hull

Project - Boat Hull - Top Curve Layout

05m 14s

Project -Boat Hull - Side Curve Layout

04m 45s

Project -Boat Hull - Hull Curves

07m 50s

Project -Boat Hull - Hull Surfacing

08m 39s

Chapter: Command Scripting

Introduction To Command Scripting

05m 38s

Command Scripting Syntax

07m 28s

Command Scripts With User Input

03m 18s

Command Scripting Exercise

08m 53s

Keyboard And Aliases

02m 33s

Toolbars And Buttons

08m 36s

Selection Method

04m 38s

Chapter: RhinoScript

What Is RhinoScript

03m 25s

Monkey Editor

06m 24s

A Sample RhinoScript

05m 58s

Chapter: VBScript Programming


08m 52s


05m 51s

Conditions - If/Then

03m 42s

Conditions - Select

04m 8s

Looping - Do

06m 3s

Looping - For/Next

02m 20s

Arrays - Basic

04m 42s

Arrays - Advanced

08m 47s

Looping Arrays

08m 40s


05m 40s

Chapter: RhinoScript Methods

Running RhinoScripts

06m 5s

RhinoScript Command

04m 58s

Selection Method

06m 48s

User Interface Method

03m 32s

Geometry Method

09m 31s

Layer Method

04m 51s

Polysurface Method - Part 1

03m 6s

Polysurface Method - Part 2

06m 37s

Polysurface Method - Part 3

07m 11s

Object Method - Part 1

04m 48s

Object Method - Part 2

07m 7s

Object Method - Part 3

07m 6s

Chapter: About The Author

About Brian DiNola

00m 46s