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Table of Contents

Chapter: Whats New In Dreamweaver CS5.5


01m 43s

Working With Enhanced Live Validation

03m 12s

Working With jQuery Mobile

03m 38s

Working With Multi-Screen Authoring

03m 43s

Building A Native Mobile App

03m 17s

Testing Sites In The Improved Browser Lab

02m 37s

New CSS Enhancements and Code Hinting

03m 34s

What Is Happening With HTML5

02m 33s


00m 54s

Chapter: Preparing And Planning A Web Site


01m 21s

Asking The Right Questions

06m 26s

Mapping Out The Project

05m 20s

Gathering The Materials

05m 32s

Chapter: Getting Started With Dreamweaver


00m 45s

Viewing The Dreamweaver Window

05m 31s

Creating A Web Site

02m 45s

Creating A Web Document

05m 10s

Setting Properties & Tracing Images

08m 3s

Viewing Web Pages & Browser Lab

03m 20s

Saving Web Pages

01m 41s

Working With Help

03m 3s

Chapter: Working With Text


01m 30s

Defining The Test Site

07m 40s

Adding Text To A Page

08m 53s

Using Paste Special

06m 5s

Text Selection Techniques

05m 32s

Character And Paragraph Styles Defined

03m 4s

Applying Paragraph And Character Styles

09m 26s

Ordered Unordered & Definition Lists

09m 53s

Finding & Replacing Text

04m 14s

Chapter: Working With Images


01m 4s

Images In Dreamweaver

05m 4s

Setting Up The Work Site

03m 14s

Adding Images To A New Web Page

07m 23s

Optimizing Images Within Dreamweaver

03m 52s

Using External Editors

02m 20s

Creating A Rollover

02m 31s

Controlling Images With The Properties Panel

05m 54s

Opening PSD Images Directly In Dreamweaver

04m 49s

Chapter: Creating Links


00m 46s

Creating A Link With A Graphic

03m 34s

Generating An Image Map

05m 13s

Creating An Email Link

04m 38s

Linking Web Sites

01m 53s

Linking Within A Single Web Document

03m 9s

Chapter: Working With Cascading Style Sheets


01m 7s

Cascading Style Sheets Overview

05m 44s

Setting Up The Site

01m 1s

Redefining HTML Tags

06m 3s

Exploring CSS Categories

08m 18s

Creating Customized Rules

02m 56s

Modifying CSS Styles

01m 31s

Creating A Compound Style

03m 24s

The CSS Styles Panel

01m 35s

Chapter: Working With External Cascading Style Sheets


01m 46s

Understanding External Style Sheets

05m 14s

Setting Up The Site

00m 55s

Creating An External Style Sheet

10m 30s

Modifying And External Style Sheet

02m 56s

Attaching & Removing External Style Sheets

03m 17s

Performing Global Changes

01m 35s

Adding External Style Sheets To A New Page

01m 37s

Putting The Cascade Into CSS

02m 52s

Chapter: Page Layout With CSS


01m 17s

Working With Div Statements

04m 31s

Setting Up The Site

00m 46s

Experimenting With Div Statements

06m 2s

Creating A Web Page With Divs

13m 57s

Centering A Page In The Browser

03m 18s

Working With Backgrounds And Controlling Pages

04m 6s

Controlling Navigation With CSS

05m 18s

Working With Text And Images

03m 23s

Chapter: Working With Frames


01m 19s

Understanding Frames

03m 18s

Setting Up The Site

00m 53s

Creating A Frameset

06m 9s

Creating Navigation With Javascript

03m 24s

Linking Frames To The Navigation

03m 7s

Creating A Scroll With A Frame & A Div

05m 0s

Working With The Noframe Option

02m 18s

Controlling Frames Within The Frameset

03m 18s

Chapter: Dreamweaver And HTML


01m 8s

A Look At HTML

04m 54s

Setting Up The Site

01m 39s

Working In Code View

05m 58s

Using The Quick Tag Editor

02m 46s

The Tag Inspector Panel

04m 8s

Working With The Code Navigator

02m 29s

Chapter: Working With Forms


00m 52s

Forms & Fields 101

02m 52s

Setting Up The Site

00m 47s

Creating A Form

03m 48s

Adding & Formatting Text Fields

06m 44s

Working With Menus & Lists

02m 42s

Adding A Text Area

03m 2s

Using Radio Buttons And Checkmarks

02m 28s

Accessing Files With The File Field Option

01m 33s

Adding A Submit Button

02m 51s

Organizing Form Data For The Viewer

02m 9s

Tying It All Together

05m 49s

Chapter: Working With Dreamweaver Behaviors


01m 4s

Setting Up The Site

00m 54s

Adding Behaviors To An Image

05m 12s

Using The Fade And Grow - Shrink Behaviors

03m 58s

Swapping Images With Behaviors

03m 0s

Creating A Unique Rollover

04m 31s

Generating Rollover Buttons

01m 58s

Making A Double-Duty Rollover

02m 5s

Displaying Information With Show Hide

03m 18s

Chapter: Working With Multimedia


01m 49s

Setting Up The Site

00m 45s

Creating A Favicon

03m 19s

Inserting A Flash Document

03m 6s

Working With Flash Properties

03m 22s

Working With FLV Files

03m 42s

Using Movie Files

03m 26s

Chapter: Moving Your Site To The Server


00m 48s

Setting Up The FTP

05m 58s

Working With The Assets Panel

05m 52s

Using Design Notes

01m 58s

Using The Cloak Command

02m 0s

Chapter: Working With Snippets And Libraries


01m 2s

Setting Up The Site

00m 41s

Creating A Snippet

04m 41s

Applying A Snippet

02m 20s

Editing A Snippet

01m 18s

Creating A Library Item

04m 31s

Editing A Library Item

02m 48s

Detaching And Recreating Library Items

02m 2s

Chapter: Working With Dreamweaver Templates


01m 9s

Setting Up The Site

00m 59s

Creating A Template Page

03m 23s

Generating Editable Regions

02m 16s

Removing Editable Regions

01m 9s

Generating A Page From A Template

01m 59s

Editing A Template

03m 19s

Templates And The Assets Panel

03m 9s

Chapter: Getting Ready For Primetime


01m 29s

Using The Search Panel

06m 21s

Working With Regular Expressions

03m 33s

Validating A Site

02m 48s

Checking For Browser Compatibility

02m 8s

Looking For Broken Links

01m 44s

Generating A Site Report

02m 40s

Cleaning Up The Code

01m 59s

Chapter: Efficiency Through History, Workspaces, And Shortcuts


01m 7s

Setting Up The Site

00m 32s

Working With The History Panel

05m 40s

Saving History States As Commands

04m 56s

Creating Customized Workspaces

02m 33s

Saving Time

04m 54s

Chapter: Search Engine Optimization


01m 8s

Search Engine Optimization 101

10m 51s

SEO Do's And Don'ts

08m 28s

Adding SEO To A Web Page

03m 22s


01m 24s