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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Introduction And Working Files

04m 22s

About The Author

03m 5s

Chapter: 02. User Interface

Application Menu, Ribbon, QAT

02m 55s

Options Bar, Status Bar And Properties Palette

03m 43s

Project Browser And Drawing Area

03m 44s

Zooming And Navigation Tools

05m 4s

Chapter: 03. Project Setup

Installing Revit 2013

04m 21s


02m 9s

Project Origin

02m 29s

Project Location

02m 7s

Preparing CAD Files

03m 3s

Linking CAD Files Into Revit

01m 42s

True And Project North

03m 34s


07m 0s


02m 48s

Chapter: 04. Toposurface

Create Toposurface

07m 2s

Edit Toposurface

02m 40s

Create And Edit Building Pad

04m 36s

Chapter: 05. Walls

Foundation Walls And View Range

04m 13s

Retaining Walls And Visibility Graphics Overrides

03m 40s

Exterior Walls

04m 27s

Parapet Walls

03m 25s

Curtain Walls

06m 8s

Interior Walls

02m 40s

Editing Walls

07m 19s

Chapter: 06. Floors

Floor Sketchmode

05m 44s

Editing Floors

06m 13s

Chapter: 07. Stairs

Stair By Sketch

04m 38s

Edit Stair By Sketch

04m 11s

Stair By Component

04m 50s

Edit Stair By Component

03m 58s

Edit Railings

02m 34s

Create Railing

04m 23s

Chapter: 08. Roofs

Create Roof

04m 24s

Edit Roof

04m 2s

Attach Walls To Roof

03m 11s

Chapter: 09. Ceilings

Create Ceiling

03m 25s

Edit Ceiling

03m 8s

Ceiling Bulkhead

02m 36s

Chapter: 10. Doors

Add Doors

02m 32s

Edit Doors

04m 7s

Add And Edit Windows

08m 13s

Add Curtain Wall Doors

03m 34s

Chapter: 11. Adding Components

Finding Components

07m 43s

Trees And Array

04m 49s

Site Furniture

03m 45s

Lighting Fixtures

06m 40s

Furniture, Fixtures And Groups

07m 1s

Chapter: 12. Rooms

Room Object

02m 53s

Room Object Properties

03m 44s

Chapter: 13. Schedules

Room Schedule

02m 23s

Sheet List

01m 55s

Schedules On Sheets

02m 28s

Chapter: 14. Views

Duplicating Views

02m 39s

3D Section Box

02m 47s


05m 9s


05m 28s


04m 46s

Close Hidden Windows And Tile

03m 30s

Chapter: 15. Sheets

Making Sheets

04m 2s

Views Onto Sheets

01m 51s

View Scale And View Size

03m 0s

Crop Region

02m 39s

Activate View On Sheet

01m 44s

Viewport Titles

02m 44s

Chapter: 16. Visibility Settings

Hiding And Revealing Elements

05m 34s

The Sunglasses

02m 31s

Visual Styles

08m 41s

Visibility Graphics

07m 41s

Visibility Graphics Of Imported CAD

04m 45s

Underlay And Linework Tool

04m 32s

Chapter: 17. Model Refinement

Refine Topography

04m 34s

Wall Joins

03m 58s

Wall And Roof Types

05m 9s


06m 20s

Workplanes And Model Text

04m 35s

Chapter: 18. Rendering

Rendering And Adjusting

05m 5s

Refining The Rendering

08m 22s

Rendering To The Cloud

04m 30s

Chapter: 19. Detailing

Sections And Callouts

05m 57s

Detail Components

06m 14s

Filled Regions

04m 25s

Detail Lines

06m 45s


04m 46s


06m 18s

Chapter: 20. Printing And Exporting


04m 32s

Export To CAD

03m 51s

Chapter: 21. Collaboration

Introduction To Revit Linking

03m 11s

Introduction To Worksharing And Worksets

08m 30s