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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Welcome And Course Overview

02m 44s

Chapter: 02. What Is Flash?

Flash's Weaknesses

03m 1s

Flash's Strengths

01m 59s

Chapter: 03. Getting Started

Viewing The Welcome Screen

03m 33s

Creating A New Movie

06m 36s

Creating Movies From Templates

04m 4s

A Tour Of The Interface

06m 10s

Touring Flash's Panels

07m 41s

A Look At The Flash Toolbox

06m 28s

Customizing The Interface

05m 5s

Exploring And Saving Workspaces

05m 21s

Setting Flash Preferences

03m 41s

Setting The Auto-Save Option

05m 18s

Using Auto-Recovery

05m 40s

Chapter: 04. Navigating And Working With Files

Adjusting Magnification

07m 31s

Additional Zooming Techniques

05m 45s

Navigating Within Movies

05m 54s

Setting Movie Properties

05m 35s

Saving Flash Files

02m 10s

Chapter: 05. Getting Started With Flash's Drawing Tools

Getting Started With The Pencil Tool

05m 56s

Pencil Tool Options

06m 27s

Using The Line Tool

04m 31s

Flash's Brush Tool

04m 44s

Understanding The Brush Tool Modes

08m 38s

Using The Eraser Tool And Eraser Modes

09m 10s

Drawing With The Pen Tool

07m 7s

Drawing Straight Lines And Polygons

06m 1s

Drawing Curves And Arcs

06m 10s

Creating Combination Paths

08m 12s

Manipulating Anchor Points - Part 1

05m 48s

Manipulating Anchor Points - Part 2

06m 22s

Chapter: 06. Drawing Shapes In Flash

Drawing Rectangles And Perfect Squares

05m 1s

Setting A Corner Radius On Rectangles

05m 9s

Drawing Ovals, Circles And Wedges

04m 20s

Using The Rectangle Primitive Tool

05m 48s

Using The Oval Primitive Tool

04m 15s

Drawing Polygons And Stars

03m 41s

Understanding The Merge Drawing Mode

07m 55s

Understanding The Object Drawing Mode

04m 18s

Techniques For Selecting Objects - Part 1

07m 45s

Techniques For Selecting Objects - Part 2

05m 12s

Chapter: 07. Applying Color To Objects

Using The Paint Bucket Tool

03m 22s

Applying Outlines With The Ink Bottle

03m 57s

Creating Custom Colors

05m 51s

Applying Colored Transparency

02m 54s

Creating Custom Gradients

07m 25s

Chapter: 08. Managing Objects On The Stage

Positioning Objects Numerically

04m 23s

Duplicating Movie Content

04m 17s

Aligning Objects Together

05m 14s

Spacing Shapes Apart

05m 53s

Transforming Objects

06m 55s

Combining Objects Together

07m 13s

Grouping And Ungrouping

06m 36s

What's Really Going On With Drawing Modes

02m 46s

Understanding Stacking Order

03m 52s

Creating And Managing Layers

06m 5s

Chapter: 09. Working With Text

Creating Point And Paragraph Text

04m 51s

Applying Text Formatting

03m 30s

Creating Multiple Columns

03m 1s

Threading Text Frames Together

06m 0s

Chapter: 10. Symbols Instances And The Library

Understanding Symbols And Instances

03m 50s

Creating Graphic Symbols

05m 2s

Building Graphic Symbols From Scratch

05m 20s

Creating Movie Clip Symbols

03m 45s

Animating Within A Movie Clip

06m 37s

Creating Button Symbols

07m 44s

Understanding The Hit State

06m 21s

Using The Library Panel

06m 38s

Inserting Symbol Instances

05m 30s

Manipulating Instances On The Stage

04m 15s

Editing And Updating Symbols

06m 53s

Using Other Flash File Libraries

04m 43s

Importing Symbols From Other Flash Projects

06m 41s

Using Flash's Common Libraries

05m 37s

Chapter: 11. Creating Animations

Understanding Animation In Flash

02m 11s

Flash's Timeline, Frames, And Key Frames

06m 46s

Getting Started With Motion Tweened Animation

05m 13s

Editing Tweened Animations

03m 49s

Using Motion Presets

05m 28s

Using The Motion Editor

08m 48s

Frame-By-Frame Animation

04m 46s

Using Movie Clips To Control Playback Speed

07m 12s

Creating Classic Motion Tweening

04m 43s

Building More Intricate Objects - Part 1

06m 18s

Building More Intricate Objects - Part 2

07m 32s

Chapter: 12. Triggering Actions With Buttons And Frames

Applying An Action To A Button

08m 30s

Editing ActionScript Code Directly

03m 41s

Controlling Movie Clip Playback - Part 1

08m 41s

Controlling Movie Clip Playback - Part 2

05m 23s

Chapter: 13. Publishing Your Movies

Exporting A Sprite Sheet

04m 37s

Publishing To The SWF Format

07m 0s

Viewing the Results In Dreamweaver

03m 0s

Publishing To AIR For Mobile

05m 41s

Publishing To AIR For Desktop

04m 9s

Flash CS6's New HTML5 Support

08m 14s

Wrapping Up

02m 44s

Chapter: 14. About the Author

Learn About Me

01m 28s