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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Mountain Lion

What Is New

01m 36s

Switching From Windows

03m 28s

Chapter: 02. Installation

Before You Install Or Upgrade

01m 16s

Downloading And Using The Installer

01m 28s

Setup Assistant

02m 21s

Login Window

01m 27s

Creating An iCloud Account

00m 44s

Migration Assistant

01m 59s

Chapter: 03. Mac Ins And Outs

A Look At Your Computer

07m 22s

Customizing Inputs

01m 17s

Dictation, Speech And Audio

03m 18s


02m 53s


02m 23s

Language And Regions

03m 39s

Chapter: 04. Finder

Desktop, Dock, And Menu Bar

07m 21s

Finder Windows

08m 5s

Customizing The Desktop And Screen Savers

03m 9s

Home Folder

03m 33s

File Systems

04m 40s

Smart Folders

05m 16s

External Media

04m 34s

Working With Burnable Media

02m 3s

Chapter: 05. File Management

iCloud And Local Files

02m 35s

Saving, Autosaving And Versions

03m 59s

Locked Files And Stationary

01m 55s

Working With Trash

02m 33s

Aliases And Copies

01m 52s

Chapter: 06. OS X Features


04m 18s


01m 36s


05m 8s


01m 19s

Mission Control

03m 0s

Chapter: 07. Installing Software

Mac App Store

02m 18s

Drag And Drop Apps

02m 25s

Package Installs

01m 43s

Software Updates

02m 8s

Chapter: 08. Users

Creating New Users

04m 6s

Login Options

02m 38s

The Guest Account

01m 51s

Parental Controls

02m 45s


05m 25s

Chapter: 09. Internet And Networking

How The Internet Works

04m 50s

Working With Wireless Networks

02m 2s

Working With Wired Networks

00m 37s

More Networking Options

02m 45s


01m 59s

Chapter: 10. Safari

Browsing The Internet

03m 57s

Working With Bookmarks

03m 11s

Working With Tabs

01m 26s

Preferences And Advanced Options

05m 32s

Chapter: 11. Working

Reminders And Notifications

04m 49s


04m 39s

Stickies And Notes

03m 5s


01m 50s

Fonts And Font Book

06m 16s

Using Text Edit

05m 37s

Grammar And Spell Check

02m 37s

Chapter: 12. Collaboration

Setting Up Accounts

01m 39s

Using Contacts

06m 35s

Using Mail

05m 42s

Mail Advanced

07m 58s

Using Messages

03m 35s

Share Widget

02m 21s

Chapter: 13. Photos

Importing Photos With Image Capture

01m 26s

Editing In Preview

06m 10s

Importing Photos With iPhoto

03m 36s

Editing In iPhoto

03m 44s

Sharing Photos From iPhoto

05m 53s

Chapter: 14. Movies

Importing Movies From Finder And Image Capture

01m 50s

Viewing And Editing With Quick Time Player

04m 7s

Importing Movies With iMovie

02m 58s

Editing Basics With iMovie

04m 1s

Sharing Movies From iMovie

02m 3s

Chapter: 15. Music

Importing Audio Into iTunes

03m 34s

Organizing With iTunes

03m 36s

Creating Music In GarageBand

07m 41s

Creating Ringtones In GarageBand

03m 9s

Sharing Music From GarageBand

01m 8s

Chapter: 16. Print, Scan And More

Creating PDFs

02m 5s

Setting Up Local Printers

01m 29s

Setting Up Network And Other Printers

01m 51s

Advanced Printer Options

01m 53s


02m 3s


02m 23s

Screen Captures

03m 59s

Chapter: 17. Services

Screen Sharing And Remote Viewing

01m 19s

Sharing Your Files

01m 53s

Connecting To Network Shares

02m 51s

Sharing Files With AirDrop

01m 16s

Sharing Your Internet Connection

01m 29s

Setting Up Bluetooth Devices

00m 51s

Sharing Files Over Bluetooth

01m 48s

Chapter: 18. Security

Gatekeeper And General Security

02m 50s

Firewalls And Application Permissions

03m 27s

Key Chains

04m 32s

Securing Documents With FileVault 2

02m 32s

Chapter: 19. Universal Access

Assistance With Seeing

01m 46s

Other Assistance

03m 39s

Voice Over

03m 35s

Chapter: 20. Windows On Your Mac

What Method?

04m 30s

Boot Camp

02m 2s


02m 13s

VMware Fusion

01m 45s


02m 15s

Chapter: 21. Power Users

Keyboard Shortcuts

03m 44s


04m 51s

Changing Icons

03m 6s

Cool Tricks

07m 4s

Command Line

13m 31s

Chapter: 22. Troubleshooting

System Information

02m 22s


01m 58s


01m 36s

Force Quit And Activity Monitor

01m 46s

Recovery HD

02m 7s

Disk Utility

02m 45s

Network Utility

02m 18s

Quick Fixes

02m 13s

Fixing Preferences

02m 25s

Chapter: 23. Conclusion

Good Bye

00m 41s