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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

02m 43s

Introduction To AutoCAD

04m 36s


09m 47s

AutoCAD For The First Time

06m 24s

Quick Run Thru

09m 23s

Chapter: New Features In AutoCAD 2012

What's New - Autodesk Exchange

03m 13s

Content Explorer

02m 45s

New Methods For Common Command

06m 14s


07m 45s

Associative Array

05m 22s

AutoCAD WS Integration

04m 58s

3D Enhancements

04m 35s

3D Editing Enhancements

04m 38s

3D Model Documentation

05m 38s

Autodesk Inventor Fusion

03m 30s

Chapter: Interfacing With AutoCAD

AutoCAD Drawing Area

09m 19s

Using The Application Menu And The QAT

05m 56s

Interfacing With The Ribbon

06m 35s

Taking Advantage Of The Command Line

08m 37s

Toolbars And The Menubar

05m 54s

Pallets And Short Cut Menus

17m 10s

Using Function Keys And Command Aliases

09m 35s


06m 54s

The Status Bar

09m 7s

An Introduction To Model Space And Paper Space

04m 9s

Quickview Layouts And Drawings

04m 55s

Chapter: Basic Operations

You Have To Start Somewhere

06m 30s

Quitting CAD

05m 25s

Object Selection

08m 4s

Advanced Operation Techniques

12m 33s

How AutoCAD Interprets Units

06m 28s

Working With Specific Units

05m 25s

The User Coordinate System

10m 26s

Working With The Coordinate System

09m 51s

Using The Grid System With The Snap Feature

03m 49s


02m 35s


05m 13s

Chapter Project

07m 21s

Chapter: Drawing And Drafting Tools


13m 27s


10m 8s


07m 23s


06m 4s


03m 46s

Rectangles And Ellipses

10m 12s


06m 5s

Methods To Create Precise Objects

07m 6s

Chapter Project

12m 12s

Chapter: Editing Tools


04m 24s

Delete Duplicates

06m 37s

The Move And Copy Commands

05m 50s

Rotating Objects

05m 59s

Scaling Objects

04m 24s

Stretching Objects

05m 21s


05m 5s


03m 48s

Trim Extend

06m 18s

Fillet Chamfer

06m 2s

Rectangular Array

09m 54s

Polar Array

05m 13s

Pathway Array

06m 23s

Copy Array

03m 31s

Object Properties

05m 59s

Chapter Project

07m 13s

Chapter: Utilities

Listing Objects

06m 12s

Measuring Tools

06m 50s


04m 36s


02m 59s

Chapter Project

04m 16s

Chapter: Precision Tools


08m 19s


02m 36s


05m 30s

Chapter: Using Layers

Layer Properties

04m 30s

The Layer Manager

06m 59s


08m 36s

Creating And Editing Layers

04m 51s

Using Layers To Control

06m 42s

Chapter Project

07m 21s

Chapter: Annotations


10m 51s

Dimension Styles

12m 7s

Advanced Dimension Operations

11m 26s

Advanced Dimensioning Tools

06m 34s


02m 26s


10m 0s

Single Line Text

07m 7s

Multi Line Text

08m 0s

Multi Line Text Techniques

05m 26s

Text Styles

07m 12s


08m 2s


17m 23s

Chapter Project

06m 18s

Chapter: Blocks

What Is A Block

07m 19s

Creating Blocks

14m 0s

Inserting Blocks And Using Them

05m 37s

Editing Blocks

06m 1s

Attributed Blocks

11m 2s

The Effect Of Exploding Blocks

04m 36s

Introduction To Dynamic Blocks

08m 30s

Chapter Project

08m 48s

Chapter: Model Space And Paper Space

Whats The Difference

06m 1s

What Belongs In Where

08m 36s


08m 57s

Chapter: Plot & Publish


10m 15s

Page Set Up

05m 26s


04m 46s

Export Your File

02m 33s

Chapter Project

03m 58s

Chapter: Conclusion

Chapter Project Draw The Building

15m 17s

Chapter Project Decoration

07m 7s

Chapter Project Annotation

11m 56s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

03m 56s