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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Transact-SQL

01m 18s

About The Author

02m 17s

Course Overview

02m 52s

What Is Transact SQL?

06m 11s

Why Should I Learn T-SQL?

05m 26s


05m 54s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Understanding Databases

History Of Databases

06m 16s

What Is A Database?

06m 8s

Database Structures And Purposes

05m 49s

Terminology And Acronyms

06m 18s

Chapter: Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Editions

04m 54s

Getting SQL Server Express

04m 6s

Installing SQL Server Express - Part 1

05m 23s

Installing SQL Server Express - Part 2

04m 47s

SSMS On Windows 7

06m 3s

SSMS On Windows 8

02m 46s

The Query Analyzer

06m 12s

Attaching The Sample Database

04m 55s

Chapter: T-SQL Foundations

The Nature Of SQL

05m 36s

SQL Books Online

05m 29s


03m 44s

The Four Horsemen Of T-SQL

05m 2s

How Queries Are Executed

06m 27s

Working With Queries And Scripts

05m 40s

Chapter: Creating A Database With T-SQL

Creating A Database - Part 1

05m 13s

Creating A Database - Part 2

06m 16s

Understanding Filegroups

05m 25s

Understanding Tables

04m 37s

T-SQL Character Datatypes

06m 13s

Understanding Unicode Data Types

04m 51s

T-SQL Numeric Datatypes

06m 14s

T-SQL Data Type Synonyms

05m 12s

Creating A Table

05m 15s

Understanding Primary Keys

05m 35s

Adding A Primary Key

05m 1s

Schema Basics

05m 6s

Working With Schemas

05m 7s

Using Synonyms - Part 1

03m 34s

Using Synonyms - Part 2

03m 32s

Chapter: Querying With T-SQL

Understanding SELECT

06m 1s

Column Aliasing

05m 20s

Ordering Results

04m 34s

Using JOIN - Part 1

06m 22s

Using JOIN - Part 2

05m 39s

Inner And Outer And Cross Joins - Part 1

05m 49s

Inner And Outer And Cross Joins - Part 2

05m 39s

Refreshing Intellisense

02m 14s

Aggregate Functions

05m 22s

Grouping Data

05m 6s

Group By Example

04m 34s

The HAVING Clause

04m 17s


04m 46s

Select Into

04m 34s

Multipart Naming

04m 50s

Using Graphical Tools

05m 47s

Chapter: Modifying Data With T-SQL

The INSERT Statement

05m 49s

Inserting Multiple Rows

01m 47s


04m 52s

The UPDATE Statement - Part 1

04m 51s

The UPDATE Statement - Part 2

03m 41s

The DELETE Statement

04m 22s


03m 7s

Chapter: T-SQL Programming Basics


06m 3s


03m 49s


02m 32s

T-SQL Variables

05m 10s


05m 28s

Operators And Expressions

05m 18s


04m 10s

Using EXECUTE - Part 1

04m 50s

Using EXECUTE - Part 2

02m 19s

Chapter: Control-Of-Flow Language Elements

IF Statements

04m 23s


04m 0s


05m 25s


03m 2s

CASE Statements

04m 58s

Chapter: Programming Objects

Understanding Views

05m 36s

Stored Procedures

04m 5s

Creating A Stored Procedure

02m 56s

Input Parameters

03m 47s

User-Defined Functions

01m 52s

Creating A Function

05m 14s

Chapter: Indexing

Index Basics

05m 52s

Creating And Dropping Indexes

05m 27s

Index Considerations

03m 52s

Chapter: Understanding Normalization


03m 51s

Normalization Example

03m 19s

Normalization And Data Usage

04m 7s

Chapter: Understanding Transactions

Understanding Transactions

03m 50s

Explicit Transactions

03m 27s

Transactions And Locking

03m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 5s