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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. It Starts With The Camera


02m 20s

Camera And Equipment Check List

06m 48s

Understanding Film Sensitivity - IS0

05m 48s

Controlling Depth Of Field - FStop

03m 51s

Managing Light To Film - Shutter Speed

03m 43s

Chapter: 02. The Art Of The Scan


01m 16s

Scanning 101

10m 24s

Exceeding A Scanners Optical Resolution

03m 9s

Moving From Color To Grayscale

02m 10s

Scanning With A 10 Step Graywedge

02m 32s

Saving Scans In The Correct File Format

04m 0s

Chapter: 03. Organizing Your Images


01m 19s

Creating Files For You Photographs

03m 21s

Organizing Your Photos With Bridge Favorites

03m 25s

Creating Photographic Collection In Bridge

05m 34s

Accessing Photographs With Mini Bridge

02m 15s

Accessing & Adding Metadata To A Photo

03m 23s

Creating A Jewel Case Contact Sheet

03m 36s

Chapter: 04. What You See Is What You Get


01m 12s

The Digital Darkroom

04m 32s

Creating User Defined Color Settings

05m 31s

Working With Color Profiles

03m 6s

Working With Image Interpolation

07m 36s

Calibrating Your Monitor

04m 34s

Chapter: 05. Working With Digital Images


01m 40s

Digital Images - Bit Depth And Color

08m 7s

Up Sizing An Image The Correct Way

05m 8s

Working In The Best File Format

03m 23s

Chapter: 06. Understanding Camera Raw


01m 38s

Raw Images 101

05m 35s

Moving From Camera Raw To Photoshop

05m 38s

Camera Raw Basic Operations

07m 43s

Initial Color Correction In Camera Raw

08m 21s

Using Camera Raw To Move Into Greyscale

04m 15s

Manipulating Multiple Images

03m 27s

Chapter: 07. Fixing Common Image Problems


01m 24s

Creating Customized Photo Sizes

03m 48s

Customizing The Crop Tool

03m 29s

Straightening An Image

05m 11s

Correcting The Glare Of A Flash

05m 16s

Adding Fill Flash In Photoshop

04m 16s

Correcting Red Eye

02m 39s

Chapter: 08. Making Selections That Look Natural


01m 6s

Selection Tricks With The Magic Wand

10m 6s

Working With The Quick Selection Tool

05m 58s

Detecting Edges With The Magnetic Lasso

07m 49s

Using Refine Edge To Make Realistic Selections

07m 10s

Precise Selections With The Pen Tool

03m 7s

Making Selections With A Paint Brush

04m 17s

Refining A Channel Selection

07m 58s

Chapter: 09. Setting Up For Color Correction


01m 6s

Converting Raw Images Into The DNG Format

04m 29s

Creating A Color Correction Mask

02m 45s

Correcting Photographs With Droplets

07m 21s

Using Grey To Correct A Color Image

02m 44s

Using Math To Color Correct A Photograph

05m 8s

Matching Color Between Photographs

02m 7s

Chapter: 10. Removing Unwanted Elements


01m 8s

Removing Unwanted Information

06m 43s

Removing Photographic Blemishes

05m 40s

Removing Dark Circle From Under Eyes

03m 58s

Punching Up Contrast In A Photograph

03m 15s

Chapter: 11. Improving Upon Nature


01m 31s

Making People Look Younger

06m 44s

Changing Hair And Eye Color

10m 36s

Making Teeth Whiter

03m 26s

Softening Skin Tones

04m 18s

Working With Portrait Professional - Part 1

04m 33s

Working With Portrait Professional - Part 2

06m 8s

Chapter: 12. Going Retro With Grayscale


01m 10s

Converting Raw Images To Grayscale

03m 55s

Moving From Color To Gray

05m 20s

Aging An Image

05m 57s

The Ansel Adams Effect

05m 9s

Chapter: 13. Generating A Sharper Image


01m 34s

Sharpening 101

03m 23s

Improving Image Sharpness With Smart Sharpen

08m 53s

Sharpening Images With The Lab Color Space

03m 14s

Using Unsharp Mask

02m 53s

Working With The High Pass Filter

05m 3s

Chapter: 14. Dressing Up Your Images


01m 1s

Creating A Vignette In The Raw Plugin

03m 3s

Creating A Lens Vignette In Photoshop

03m 16s

Creating Standard Vignettes In Photoshop

06m 47s

Creating A Vignette With Layer Masks

03m 18s

Creating Unique Vignettes With Filters

04m 40s

Creating Decorative Borders With Effects

03m 4s

Chapter: 15. The Art Of The Dodge And Burn


01m 36s

Dodging Tricks

06m 53s

Dodging & Burning A Photograph

03m 43s

Dodging & Sponging With A Quick Mask

05m 47s

Dodging & Burning With Custom Brushes

03m 54s

Controlling Dodging & Burning With Layer Masks

03m 37s

Dodging And Burning With Layer Blending Modes

02m 26s

Chapter: 16. Keeping It Real


01m 4s

Using A Layer Mask To Generate Image Depth

03m 33s

Working With Lens Blur And A Depth Map

04m 49s

Creating An Awesome Panorama

04m 37s

Working With Duotones

08m 43s

Creating A Selenium Look With Duotones

01m 57s

Creating A Photographic Watermark

04m 29s

Chapter: 17. Color Correction Essentials


01m 27s

The Basics Of Color Correction

09m 45s

Correction By The Numbers

08m 3s

Correction With Curves Eyedroppers

05m 15s

Correction With Adjustment Layers And Masks

08m 2s

Changing Selective Color

05m 47s

Adjusting Skin Tones With Color Balance

04m 43s

Chapter: 18. The Power Of Blending Modes


01m 27s

A Blending Mode Primer

04m 37s

Blending A Sky Into An Image

05m 1s

Lightening An Image With Blending Modes

03m 53s

Blending Two Images With Blending Modes

04m 10s

Blending Images With The Blend If Option

04m 56s

Chapter: 19. Restoring The Past


01m 7s

Scanning 101

09m 34s

Correcting Contrast And Hue

04m 29s

Dust - Scratches - Sharpening

10m 21s

Adding Color To A Photograph

03m 42s

Adding A Period Border

04m 57s

Manipulating The Background

03m 36s

Chapter: 20. HDR Basics


01m 34s

HDR 101

08m 0s

Moving From Camera To The Merge To HDR Feature

03m 33s

Merge To HDR Options

07m 24s

HDR And Surrealistic Effects

04m 47s

Chapter: 21. Outputting For The Web


01m 15s

Getting Ready For The Web

06m 41s

The Proper Way To Compress A Photograph

09m 11s

GIF Compression That Works

08m 37s

Generating A Web Gallery

03m 19s

Chapter: 22. Outputting To Print


01m 18s

Proper Printing Etiquette

09m 53s

Color Settings Revisited

03m 24s

Generating A Raw Workflow

02m 30s

Working With A Soft Proof

04m 12s

The Art Of The Print

05m 35s

Good Bye

02m 8s