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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Good Housekeeping In Carrara


02m 29s


04m 18s

Production Frame

01m 14s

Memory Management

03m 19s

Managing A Large Scene

02m 14s

Chapter: 02. UV Mapping

What Is UV Mapping

02m 57s

Approaches To UV Mapping

04m 23s

UV Mapping Tools

06m 6s

UV Map Unfolding

08m 22s

Chapter: 03. Modelling Furniture

Modelling A Morphing Cushion

08m 51s

Modelling The Chair Arm

05m 9s

Assembling The Chair

06m 32s

Modelling A Cupboard Unit

08m 12s

Modelling The Drawers And Doors

06m 35s

Assembling The Cupboard Unit

07m 12s

Setting Movement Constraints

02m 48s

UV Mapping And Texturing The Furniture

12m 14s

Complete Scene With The Furniture Set

04m 21s

Chapter: 04. Modelling A Vehicle - A WW1 Airplane

Preparing Templates

05m 2s

Setting Up Your Workspace With Templates

01m 42s

Accurate Modelling Of The Fuselage

11m 20s

Modelling The Wing

05m 37s

Finishing The Wing

04m 59s

Starting Detailing

04m 0s

Detailing The Cockpit

04m 1s

Fitting The Propeller

11m 23s

Setting Up ERC For Ailerons

11m 25s

Setting Up UV Mapping

06m 30s

Producing A Final Render Of The Bi-Plane

08m 35s

Chapter: 05. Advanced Shaders And Texturing

Layer Lists

05m 50s

Using Operators For Complex Shaders

07m 47s

Setting Up Glow Channel For Illuminated Windows

03m 32s

Local Vs. Global Shaders

04m 58s

Using Displacement For Rocks

03m 13s

Using Displacement For City Blocks

08m 37s

Chapter: 06. Model Texturing And Rigging

Preparing A Base Figure For Sculpting

06m 18s

Importing A Sculpted Character Model

03m 35s

Painting Bump And Mask Maps

06m 7s

Painting The Color Map

04m 49s

Creating The Skeleton

07m 56s

Attaching The Skeleton

01m 57s

Fine Tuning The Joints

03m 24s

Constraints And IK

04m 8s

Final Character Scene

03m 35s

Chapter: 07. Creating - Modelling Your Own Clothes

Painting Second Skin Tight-Fitting Clothes

14m 23s

Adding The Second Skin Clothes To A Figure

05m 18s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 1

06m 43s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 2

09m 39s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 3

03m 43s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 4

07m 46s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 5

02m 52s

Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Part 6

01m 17s

Modelling A Jacket For Dynamic Cloth

09m 50s

Carrara Soft Body Cloth - Part 1

04m 55s

Carrara Soft Body Cloth - Part 2

02m 53s

New Settings For Dynamic Cloth - Part 1

03m 19s

New Setting For Dynamic Cloth - Part 2

02m 16s

Using Poser To Drape Clothes

04m 24s

Re-Importing Draped Cloth Back Into Carrara

02m 1s

Modelling For A Conforming Top

08m 48s

Defining Groups Ready For Rigging

08m 31s

Scaling And Exporting The Clothes Model

04m 27s

Applying The Rigging In Daz Studio

05m 40s

Loading And Testing Your Conforming Clothes

02m 19s

A Couple Of Cool Things With Conforming Clothes

05m 3s

Chapter: 08. General Tips For Environmental Scenes

Cloud Domes

09m 44s

Creating Light Domes

10m 6s

Chapter: 09. Creating A Complete Rural Setting

Creating The Height Map For The Ground

06m 35s

Creating The Ground In Carrara

02m 24s

Starting To Building The Cottage

05m 11s

Completing The Main Cottage Structure

07m 31s

Adding Details To The Cottage

07m 23s

Modelling Realistic Grass

09m 41s

Creating A Custom Tree

07m 32s

Creating Distribution Maps

09m 15s

Texturing The Ground

05m 7s

Adding The Replicated Objects To Our Scene

09m 55s

Adding Walls And Trees To The Scene

08m 8s

Adding Water For The Stream

02m 13s

A Final Rural Scene Image

03m 8s

Chapter: 10. Creating An Urban Setting

Creating A Lo-Res City Block

06m 33s

Replicating City Blocks To Layout The City

03m 28s

Texturing And Adding Roads

04m 35s

Adding Street Lights And People

04m 54s

Cars And Other Final Details

03m 27s

Chapter: 11. Special Effects In Carrara

Creating A Smoke Trail With Particles

11m 31s

Trailing Hearts From A Walking Figure

03m 35s

Creating A Basic Walk Cycle

03m 21s

Refining The Walk Cycle

05m 56s

Turning The Walk Cycle Into A Reusable Clip

02m 4s

Creating Bends In A Mapped Road

04m 25s

Road Through A Landscape

06m 51s

Roads Through Terrains - A Second Example

01m 15s

Exploding A Balloon

03m 46s

Creating A Panorama With A Spherical Image

02m 46s

Making An Animation With A Panoramic Image

07m 19s

A Shaft Of Light

03m 20s

Using Carrara To Make Your Own HDRIs

07m 50s

Modelling Tinsel With Replicators

07m 31s

Using Terrain As An Ocean Surface

03m 13s

Animating Dynamic Hair With A Proxy Figure

05m 18s

Faster Lighting Of Dynamic Hair

03m 0s

Chapter: 12. Conclusion

Useful Carrara Resources

02m 44s

Tips For Product Distribution

05m 49s

About The Author

02m 36s