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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 9s

About The Author

03m 27s

Chapter: Setting Up Standards - Part 1

Template Files

15m 39s


14m 41s


05m 20s


11m 36s

Level Heads

09m 31s

Grid Heads

08m 5s

Section Bubbles

10m 51s

Callout Bubbles

07m 38s

Elevation Bubbles

05m 36s

Chapter: Setting Up Standards - Part 2


08m 18s

Schedule Appearance

03m 54s

View Titles

06m 27s

View Templates

03m 36s

Chapter: Starting The Project File

Things We Must Do First - Part 1

06m 57s

Things We Must Do First - Part 2

02m 12s

Chapter: Working With A CAD Survey

Preparing The AutoCAD File

08m 39s

Linking The AutoCAD File Into Revit

09m 45s

Chapter: Phasing

Create Phases

03m 6s

Objects And Phases

03m 54s

Views And Phases

03m 14s

Phase Filters

03m 0s

Graphic Overrides

03m 43s

Chapter: Site Tools

Property Line

02m 16s

Create Toposurface

05m 6s

Building Pad

04m 26s

Split And Merge Surfaces

04m 21s


07m 18s

Label Contours

05m 2s

Spot Elevation

04m 47s

Spot Slope

06m 7s

Chapter: Linking Revit

Link Revit File

03m 59s

Linked Revit Levels

05m 27s

Phase Mapping

02m 58s

Linked View Properties

06m 48s

Managing Links

02m 36s

Chapter: Setting Up Our Building File

Setting Up Our Building File

06m 17s

Project Browser Organization

04m 22s

Setting Up Views

04m 32s

Chapter: Walls

Foundation Walls

06m 35s

Footings And Stepped Footings

09m 54s

Exterior Walls

05m 43s

Stacked Walls

08m 7s

Wall Joins

09m 59s

Wall Sweeps And Reveals

04m 10s

Finish Walls

08m 46s

Join And Cut Geometry

04m 20s

Chapter: Curtain Walls

Making And Editing Types

07m 46s


05m 1s


03m 35s


07m 54s

Corner Mullions

05m 39s

Chapter: Floors

Making And Editing Types

07m 8s

Floor Finishes

04m 33s

Sloping Floor

06m 3s

Chapter: Stairs

Making And Editing Types

06m 57s

Editing The Sketch

08m 55s

Chapter: Ramps

Making And Editing Types

07m 34s

Parking Garage Ramps Using Floors

05m 23s

Chapter: Railings

Making And Editing Types

08m 42s

Editing The Sketch

09m 49s

Chapter: Roofs

Making And Editing Types

08m 47s

Infill Walls

04m 50s

Fascia And Eaves

05m 56s


03m 41s

Chapter: In Place Families

In-Place Families Introduction - Part 1

06m 3s

In-Place Families Introduction - Part 2

02m 8s

Chapter: Ceilings

Adding A Ceiling

02m 57s

Adding Ceiling Components

05m 11s

Chapter: Grouping

Grouping Components

03m 31s

Inserting Groups

01m 59s

Editing Groups

09m 5s

Chapter: Areas And Rooms

Room Object

08m 19s

Area Schemes

01m 24s

Area Plans

03m 25s

Area Objects

03m 43s

Area Tags

03m 25s

Colour Legends

07m 19s

Chapter: Scheduling

Area Schedules

06m 35s

Filter, Sorting And Grouping

08m 2s

Formatting And Appearance

03m 56s

Custom Parameters

02m 16s

Calculated Parameters And Formulas

05m 0s

Sheet List

02m 14s

Chapter: Detailing

Setting Up Views

09m 41s

Adding Detail Components And Annotation

09m 11s

Grouping Details

08m 56s

Exporting And Importing Details

03m 29s

3D Details

03m 22s

Chapter: Presentations

Setting Up Sheets

03m 31s

Refining Model And Views - Part 1

08m 52s

Refining Model And Views - Part 2

07m 53s

Refining Model And Views - Part 3

06m 43s

Refining The Site Plan

06m 25s

Refining Materials

07m 3s

Refining Lighting

06m 6s

Decals And 3D Model Text

06m 30s

Background Image Or Colour

05m 27s

Rendering Techniques

06m 50s

Refining The Exterior Rendering

10m 39s

Refining The Interior Rendering

06m 40s


09m 56s

Chapter: Worksharing

Introduction To Worksharing Setup

04m 50s

Introduction To Using Worksharing

08m 6s

Refining And Printing To PDF

07m 34s