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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What Will This Course Cover

02m 41s

Relational Databases Demystified

07m 54s

Using The Working Files

04m 12s

About The Author

01m 18s

Chapter: Advanced Table Design

Creating And Using Input Masks

09m 2s

Indexing - The Hows And Whys

07m 31s

Multiple Field Primary Keys

02m 48s

Chapter: Advanced Queries

Selecting Unique Values

04m 36s

Use Of Parameter Queries

07m 35s

Adding A Calculated Field

05m 35s

Using iif In A Calculated Field

04m 45s

Creating A Cross Tab Query

05m 19s

A Cross Tab Without The Wizard

03m 32s

Why Change The Join Type In Queries

07m 9s

Viewing And Writing SQL

07m 50s

Introducing The Expression Builder

06m 45s

The Power Of The Sub Query

06m 47s

Generating A Union Query In Access

06m 43s

Chapter: Action Queries

The Make Table Query - For Backups

04m 15s

The Make Table Query From Multiple Tables Of Data

05m 22s

Changing Data Using An Update Query

07m 6s

Update Query With A User Driven Parameter

03m 53s

Add Records To A Table Using The Append Query

03m 46s

Delete Records Using The Delete Query

03m 51s

Backup And Restore Data Using Action Queries

07m 8s

Chapter: Advanced Form Design

Adding Linked Objects And Displaying On A Form

07m 1s

Sub Forms Unbound Or Bound

09m 0s

Using Tabs To Display Multiple Sub Form Data

08m 8s

Referencing Combo Box Unbound Columns

05m 18s

The NEW Navigation Forms

04m 25s

Creating A Form To Use As A Menu Or Dialog

04m 1s

Adding A Form Button With The Wizard

08m 8s

Creating Buttons WITHOUT The Wizard

08m 37s

Open Another Form-Filtered By Current Form (Method 1)

08m 4s

Open Another Form-Filtered By Current Form (Method 2)

06m 56s

Building A Search Form

08m 56s

Check Whether The Search Criteria Is Entered

07m 34s

Use Double Click To Open Related Data

04m 55s

Dynamically Changing The Row Source Of A Combo Or List Box

08m 16s

Chapter: Advanced Reports

Creating A Report From Scratch Without The Wizard

08m 39s

Adding Images To The Report

04m 21s

Calculations On A Report

03m 39s

Sorting And Grouping A Report

10m 9s

Totals On Reports Groups

06m 25s

Creating And Adding Sub Reports

10m 0s

Concatenation With Carriage Returns

08m 30s

Adding A Chart Or Graph

06m 21s

A Chart Filtered By The Report Section

06m 0s

Pie Charts In Reports

08m 29s

Chapter: Macros

Creating A New Macro

04m 10s

Example Functionality Of Macros

05m 46s

Assigning Macros To Buttons On Forms

05m 9s

Using if In A Macro To Control Program Flow

09m 8s

Commenting Your Macro Code For Future Reference

02m 48s

NEW - The Embedded Macro

05m 1s

Sub Macros And Their Uses

06m 16s

Trigger A Macro From The Ribbons

07m 4s

Controlling Startup Actions With The AutoExec Macro

07m 49s

Creating An AutoKeys Macro For Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

06m 25s

Adding An OK/Cancel Confirmation Box

04m 31s

Chapter: Database Utilities

Compact And Repair - A Useful Utility

02m 42s

Converting Access To Previous Versions

03m 1s

Saving A Backup Copy

01m 4s

Tracking Object Dependencies

04m 4s

The Start Up Settings

05m 19s

Chapter: Application Making And Security

Main Menu Tidying Requirements

04m 47s

Restricted Access By Use Of The ACCDE Format

03m 56s

Download And Distribute Access 2010 Runtime

02m 11s

Encrypting And Password Protecting A 2010 Database

04m 10s

Splitting The Database In Two For Final Security

07m 59s

Chapter: Access With SQL Server

Upgrade An Existing Application To Use SQL Server

07m 29s

Linking a New Database To SQL Server

06m 37s

Introducing The Access Project File

07m 21s

Running A Stored Procedure From The Access Project

05m 28s

Chapter: Summary

What Have You Learned?

03m 5s