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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To This Training Series

03m 27s

How To Use The Lesson Files

03m 43s

About The Author

02m 44s

Chapter: The Welcome To Photoshop Elements

Understanding The Organizer And The Editor

03m 38s

Creating And Logging In With An Adobe ID

02m 48s

Chapter: Working With The Organizer

Understanding The Organizer Interface

02m 33s

Creating A New Catalog

02m 10s

Chapter: Importing Your Photos

Get Photos From Files And Folders

04m 10s

Get Photos From Camera

03m 45s

Chapter: Managing The Organizer Display

Viewing Photos

03m 17s

Selecting Photos

03m 3s

Renaming Photos

02m 20s

Rotating Photos

01m 57s

Viewing Photo Properties

03m 39s

Hiding Sorting And Deleting Photos

04m 10s

Chapter: Organizing Photos

Creating Albums

04m 51s

Creating Smart Albums

04m 37s

Adding Rating To Photos

03m 54s

Adding Keyword Tags To Images

08m 26s

Tagging People - Part 1

01m 52s

Tagging People - Part 2

05m 27s

Adding Photos To Stacks

01m 19s

Automatically Suggest Photos Stacks

02m 27s

Running The Auto Analyzer

02m 41s

Adding Captions And Notes

01m 52s

Chapter: Locating Your Photos

Finding Images By Date Range

01m 56s

Finding Images By Caption And Notes

02m 13s

Finding Images By Filename

01m 6s

Finding Images By Keyword Tags And Details

03m 1s

Finding Images By History, Media Type And Untagged Items

02m 25s

Performing Visual Searches

05m 42s

Chapter: Displaying And Comparing Photos

Changing The Catalog Display View

02m 41s

Using The Full Screen Mode

03m 44s

Using The Side By Side View

03m 38s

Chapter: Using The Organizer's Photo Fix Options

Using Auto Smart

04m 24s

Using Auto Color

03m 50s

Using Auto Levels

01m 56s

Using Auto Contrast

02m 28s

Using Auto Sharpen

03m 30s

Using Auto Red Eye

04m 23s

Cropping A Photo

04m 39s

Chapter: Creating A Photomerge

Creating A Photomerge Panorama

06m 35s

Creating A Photomerge Exposure

05m 55s

Creating A Photomerge Style Match

07m 35s

Chapter: Working With The Editor

Understanding The Editor Interface

04m 37s

The Tools And Tools Options Bar

08m 10s

The Project Bin

02m 39s

The Panel Bin

02m 27s

Chapter: Making A Guided Edit

When To Use A Guided Edit

01m 16s

Correcting Contrast And Color With A Guided Edit

11m 15s

Chapter: Making A Quick Edit

Understanding The Quick Edit Mode

03m 30s

Using The Quick Edit Panel

12m 10s

Chapter: Enhancing Photos

When To Use The Full Edit Mode

02m 3s

Adjust Smart

05m 21s

Adjust Lighting - Part 1

07m 12s

Adjust Lighting - Part 2

09m 0s

Adjust Color

07m 16s

Removing Red Eye

02m 46s

Chapter: Repairing Old Or Damaged Photos

Healing Spots And Scratches

10m 53s

Replacing Damaged Areas Of An Image

10m 50s

Cloning Image Areas

06m 8s

Chapter: Working With Camera Raw Images

What Are Camera Raw Files

04m 40s

Using The Camera Raw Dialog Box

12m 25s

Chapter: Working With The Selection Tools

Using The Marquee Tools

08m 50s

Using The Quick Selection And Selection Brush

10m 14s

Using The Magic Wand Tool

07m 51s

Using The Lasso Tool

05m 59s

Practical Selections

17m 15s

Chapter: Working With Layers

Understanding The Layers Panel

05m 11s

Creating New Layers

07m 6s

Creating Layer Masks

06m 22s

Layer Blending Modes

03m 47s

Adjustment Layers

04m 41s

Chapter: Correcting Specific Area Of An Image

Whitening Someones Teeth

09m 0s

Altering The Colors Of An Image

04m 46s

Colourizing A Grayscale Image

07m 29s

Using The Smart Brush Tool To Paint On Corrections

07m 1s

Chapter: Working With Text

Creating Text

07m 56s

Editing Text

05m 51s

Creating A Text Warp

07m 41s

Creating Curving Text

10m 25s

Chapter: Using The Painting Tools

Creating A Blank Photoshop Document

04m 11s

Working With The Gradient Tool

07m 20s

Working With The Paintbrush And Eraser To Color Line Art

14m 8s

Making Custom Brushes

10m 3s

Chapter: Creating Special Effects

Using The Cookie Cutter

05m 40s

Adding Effects To Layers

08m 4s

Creating Distressed Text With A Layer Mask

02m 34s

Using The Smart Brush Tool For Special Effects

05m 19s

Chapter: Making Photo Creations

Creating A Greeting Card

10m 20s

Creating A Picture Package

05m 29s

Chapter: Sharing & Backing Up Your Photos

Sharing To An Online Album - Part 1

04m 11s

Sharing To An Online Album - Part 2

01m 23s

Sharing To Facebook And Flickr

05m 30s

Sharing Via Email

03m 19s

Backup Your Catalog To A Hard Drive

03m 42s

Copy Or Move To Removable Disk

03m 33s