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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About QuickBooks Pro 2013 And Who Should Use It

02m 13s

What You Will Learn

01m 38s

How To Use The Working Files

02m 18s

Chapter: Setting Up A QuickBooks Company File

Overview Of Setting Up A Company File

01m 35s

Using Express Start To Create A Company File

03m 51s

Using The EasyStep Interview - Part 1

04m 28s

Using The EasyStep Interview - Part 2

05m 9s

Quick Setup: Vendors, Customers, And Bank Accounts

06m 35s

Entering Historical Transactions

08m 48s

Chapter: Quick Tour Of QuickBooks Pro

Starting And Navigating Through QuickBooks Pro

05m 6s

About QuickBooks Centers

06m 4s

Chapter: Customizing The Company File

Setting Up Preferences

02m 19s

Viewing Your Accounts

04m 8s

Adding A Bank Account

04m 45s

Adding And Editing Accounts

06m 32s

Lab: Creating An Account With Sub-Accounts

04m 59s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Products And Services

Adding Items For Services

07m 32s

Adding Items For Non-Inventory Parts

06m 10s

Adding Items For Other Charges

01m 57s

Setting Up A Subtotal Item And Discount Item

04m 45s

Grouping Items

03m 33s

Adding Items For Payment

02m 28s

Adding Items For Sales Tax

06m 42s

Editing Items

04m 26s

Lab: Adding Items For Services, Non-Inventory Parts, And Other Charges

06m 13s

Chapter: Setting Up Customers And Jobs

About Customers And Jobs

03m 32s

Adding Customers

09m 4s

Adding Jobs

04m 44s

Tracking Leads

04m 40s

Working In The Customer Center - Part 1

06m 44s

Working In The Customer Center - Part 2

05m 17s

Lab: Adding A Customer And Job

08m 53s

Chapter: Setting Up Vendors

About Vendors And Vendor Types

04m 11s

Adding Vendors

06m 23s

Working In The Vendor Center

07m 8s

Lab: Adding A Vendor

08m 20s

Chapter: Working With Other Lists

Setting Up The Price Level List

04m 35s

Setting Up And Using Classes

03m 36s

Setting Up The Fixed Asset List

03m 28s

Using The Customer And Vendor Profile Lists

05m 32s

Setting Up The Currency List

10m 18s

Lab: Adding A Price Level And A Class

04m 56s

Chapter: Before Your First Sale

About Estimates

03m 21s

Writing An Estimate

07m 0s

Lab: Create An Estimate And Making An Estimate Inactive

05m 24s

Chapter: Invoicing Customers

Choosing A Sales Form

04m 9s

Choosing An Invoice Type

06m 36s

Filling Out The Invoice

07m 48s

Handling Credits, Refunds, And Prepayments

04m 6s

Generating An Invoice From An Estimate

02m 21s

Using Progress Invoicing - Part 1

04m 5s

Using Progress Invoicing - Part 2

04m 44s

Creating A Batch Invoice And Recurring Invoices

08m 34s

Creating Statements

06m 55s

Lab: Creating An Invoice

05m 45s

Chapter: Receiving Customer Payments

Setting Up Accounts Receivable Options

04m 22s

Receiving A Payment

05m 19s

Handling Overpayments, Credits, And Discounts

07m 0s

Handling Down Payments

06m 11s

Handling Cash Sales

06m 34s

Lab: Receiving A Payment

03m 16s

Chapter: Handling Overdue Payments

Using The Collections Center

04m 6s

Tracking Customer Balances

03m 20s

Handling Finance Charges

05m 34s

Creating Reminder Statements And Collection Letters

04m 21s

Chapter: Tracking Time And Mileage

Tracking Time

06m 6s

Tracking Time For A Single Activity

04m 28s

Filling Out Timesheets

05m 10s

Setting Up For Reimbursable Expenses And Billable Time

05m 27s

Tracking Mileage

06m 59s

Lab: Invoicing For Reimbursable Expenses

02m 37s

Chapter: Paying Bills

Setting Up Bill Preferences

05m 3s

Entering A Bill For Expenses

03m 18s

Setting Up Recurring Bills

02m 58s

Paying Bills

06m 33s

Paying By Check Without Entering A Bill

04m 12s

Paying Sales Tax

03m 28s

Lab: Paying Bills

04m 46s

Chapter: Tracking Inventory

Setting Up For Inventory

05m 20s

Adding Items For Inventory

03m 21s

Creating Inventory Groups

02m 17s

Lab: Creating An Inventory Group

02m 38s

Chapter: Purchasing And Receiving Inventory

Creating Purchase Orders

04m 4s

Receiving Inventory - Part 1

05m 33s

Receiving Inventory - Part 2

04m 18s

Preparing Inventory Reports

04m 2s

Counting Inventory

07m 3s

Making Inventory Adjustments

04m 47s

Lab: Creating A Purchase Order And Receiving Inventory

05m 21s

Chapter: Basic Checkbook Transactions

Using Registers

06m 7s

Writing A Check, Voiding A Check, And Transferring Money

04m 13s

Depositing Money

05m 11s

Lab: Making A Deposit

05m 15s

Chapter: Handling Other Banking Tasks

Handling Checks That Bounce

05m 12s

Reconciling A Checking Account

06m 6s

Tracking Petty Cash

03m 55s

Chapter: Reports Overview

Setting Up Reports Preferences

05m 12s

Using The Reports Center

03m 19s

Chapter: Understanding Your Finances

Profit And Loss Report

05m 0s

Balance Sheet Report

02m 41s

Statement Of Cash Flows

02m 29s

Chapter: Customizing Reports

Changing Display Options For Summary Reports

06m 49s

Changing Display Options For Detail Reports

02m 15s

Choosing Advanced Options

03m 47s

Filtering Reports

03m 54s

Changing Report Formatting

05m 16s

Saving Customized Reports

04m 18s

Chapter: Managing Your Company File

Making A Backup

05m 19s

Restoring From A Backup And Making A Portable Company File

03m 38s

Making An Accountants Copy

05m 10s

Chapter: Year-End Procedures

Fiscal Year-End Tasks

06m 19s

Making Year-End Journal Entries

06m 7s

Calendar Year-End Tasks

03m 3s

Chapter: Conclusion


05m 7s

About The Author

02m 19s