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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To Toon Boom And Introduction To Tony Ross

01m 8s

Chapter: Interface

Exploring Workspaces

01m 35s

Customizing Workspaces

02m 7s

Toolbars And Views

01m 18s

Timeline - Adding Elements

01m 57s

Onion Skin And Light Table

03m 11s

Shortcut Keys

04m 59s

Chapter: Drawing Tools

Shape Tools

03m 16s

Polyline Tool

02m 1s

Pencil Tool

01m 49s

Brush tool

02m 47s

Pen tools

04m 16s

Contour Editor

03m 33s

Chapter: Optimizing Drawings


02m 31s

Cutting And Erasing

04m 16s

Converting Lines To Fills

05m 44s

Grouping Drawings

03m 22s


01m 58s

Chapter: Color Palette

Color Basics

04m 36s

Custom Colors

05m 12s

Closing Gaps

06m 11s

Using Gradients

03m 29s

Applying Textures

07m 1s

Palettes And Styles

07m 42s

Chapter: Importing Files

Importing Bitmaps

03m 28s

Importing Illustrator And PDF Files

03m 1s

Importing Sound

02m 3s

Import And Vectorize

03m 39s

Importing Movies

01m 47s

Chapter: Animating In Toon Boom Studio

Frames And Keyframes

02m 54s

Pivot Points And Rotation

03m 12s


04m 25s

Layers And Hierarchies

02m 32s


03m 21s

Motion Tool

02m 48s

Using The X-Sheet

03m 0s

Straight Ahead Animation

03m 40s

Pose to Pose Animation

03m 45s

Creating Cycles

03m 25s

Chapter: Drawing By Hand

Rough Animations And Clean-Up

04m 33s


02m 13s

Annotation Notes

02m 40s

Power Painting

03m 44s

Chapter: Cutout Characters

Best Practices For Cutout Characters

02m 8s

Cutting Up A Character - Body

06m 2s

Cutting Up A Character - Head

05m 50s

Assembling Characters

08m 32s

Pivot Points

04m 19s

Hiding Hinges And Joints

04m 55s

Animating With Cutout Characters

09m 49s

Drawing Substitutions

11m 58s

Storing Your Characters

06m 6s

Chapter: Animating With Bones

Adding Bones

02m 2s

Bone Setup And Influence

03m 27s

Deformable Textures

01m 44s

Bone Animations

03m 14s

Chapter: Stop Motion

Image Capture Settings

01m 46s

Light Table

01m 42s

Time-Lapse Using Auto Capture

01m 26s

Keying Out Background Color

02m 13s

Animating With Stop Motion

08m 19s

Chapter: Building Scenes

Using Z-Space

03m 53s

Using Z-Space With Bitmaps

03m 11s

Using The Camera

01m 38s

Animating The Camera

06m 48s

Camera On A Path

02m 18s

Multiple Shots From a Single Camera

05m 25s

Chapter: Lip Syncing

Lip Sync Recording - Best Practices

02m 54s

Setting Up Phonemes

07m 43s

Automatic Lip Sync

04m 12s

Editing Lip Sync

05m 11s

Chapter: Adding Effects


03m 21s

Animating Filters

03m 29s

Force Of Nature Effects

04m 59s

Shadows And Highlights

04m 22s

Adding Blur

07m 9s

Chapter: Exporting Files

Saving Your Movie

03m 57s

Saving For Youtube Or Facebook

02m 38s

Export PDF

03m 21s

Chapter: Wrap-up

Beyond The Basics

00m 59s

Exploring Other Toon Boom Studio Software

00m 56s