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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

About The Course

03m 24s

About The Author

02m 48s

What Is A Database?

02m 23s

What Is A Data Model?

01m 52s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Data Model Development Process

Data Model Inputs And Outputs

02m 5s

Data Model Notations

03m 0s

UML Versus IE - Conceptual, Logical And Physical

01m 19s

Chapter: Basic Data Modeling

Class And Attribute

06m 11s


01m 32s


03m 54s


04m 59s

IE Entity Type And Relationship Type

03m 15s

Association Name

04m 46s

Association End

04m 9s

Multiplicity - UML

03m 40s

Multiplicity - IE

02m 31s

Generalization - UML

03m 32s

Generalization - IE

04m 6s

Abstract Versus Concrete Superclass

02m 11s

Practical Tips

01m 58s

Self Assessment Test - Basic Modeling Data

04m 43s

Chapter: Advanced Data Modeling


02m 34s

Derived Data

02m 33s

Current Versus Historical Data

01m 7s

Association Class

05m 20s

Ordered Association

05m 25s

Qualified Association - UM

05m 12s

Qualified Association - IE

02m 35s

Large Taxonomies

03m 5s


02m 46s

Abridged UML Metamodel

02m 4s

Abridged IE Metamodel

01m 14s

Modeling Pitfalls

03m 27s

Practical Tips

01m 47s

Self Assessment Test - Advanced Data Modeling

03m 44s

Chapter: Create A UML Data Model

Problem Statement

01m 52s

Finding Classes

04m 32s

Finding Associations - Part 1

04m 59s

Finding Associations - Part 2

05m 52s

Finding Generalizations

01m 37s

Iterating And Refining The Model - Part 1

02m 39s

Iterating And Refining The Model - Part 2

04m 42s

Adding Attributes

04m 48s

Cleaning Up Layout

04m 4s

Simplifying The Model

01m 55s

Evolving A Model - Part 1

02m 13s

Evolving A Model - Part 2

04m 46s

Enterprise Architect Techniques - Part 1

03m 48s

Enterprise Architect Techniques - Part 2

05m 19s

Enterprise Architect Techniques - Part 3

04m 24s

Chapter: Translate A UML Data Model Into An IE Data Model

Creating Subject Areas

02m 38s

Creating Entity Types

02m 44s

Creating Domains

06m 13s

Adding Attributes - Part 1

06m 13s

Adding Attributes - Part 2

03m 25s

Creating Relationship Types - Part 1

05m 4s

Creating Relationship Types - Part 2

03m 33s

Creating Relationship Types - Part 3

05m 7s


03m 20s

Adding Alternate Keys

03m 36s

Cleaning Up The Layout

01m 38s

ERwin Techniques - Part 1

04m 58s

ERwin Techniques - Part 2

03m 59s

Chapter: Model Quality

Model Quality

01m 1s

Normal Forms

04m 1s


03m 26s

Hillard Graph Complexity

07m 4s

Hoberman Data Model Scorecard

05m 21s

Chapter: Kinds Of Data Models

Operational Data Models

03m 30s

Enterprise Data Models

05m 33s

Data Warehouses - Part 1

05m 12s

Data Warehouses - Part 2

04m 53s

Data Warehouses - Part 3

03m 14s

Master Data Models

04m 8s

Chapter: Database Design

Schema Adjustments

04m 47s

Attribute Details - Part 1

04m 27s

Attribute Details - Part 2

06m 27s

Attribute Details - Part 3

07m 44s

Primary And Alternate Keys

08m 9s


06m 44s

Referential Integrity - Part 1

08m 22s

Referential Integrity - Part 2

06m 27s

Check Constraints - Part 1

06m 44s

Check Constraints - Part 2

07m 7s


08m 44s

Other Aspects Of Design

03m 52s

Self Assessment Test - Database Design

03m 14s

Chapter: Create A SQL Server Database

Creating A New Database

03m 39s

Executing Schema

02m 29s

Inspecting Metadata

08m 32s

Loading Sample Data

04m 3s

Querying Sample Data

06m 33s

Chapter: Create An MS-Access Database

Generating An ERwin Schema

03m 8s

Creating Tables

06m 16s

Creating Indexes

03m 22s

Creating Constraints And Default Values

02m 51s

Defining Foreign Keys

03m 44s

Creating Views

04m 32s

Loading Sample Data

03m 55s

Querying Sample Data

04m 21s

Chapter: Software Engineering

Development Frameworks

03m 24s

Agile Data Modelling

03m 18s

Documenting A Model - Part 1

03m 49s

Documenting A Model - Part 2

04m 25s

Presenting A Model

02m 45s

Chapter: Data Modeling Patterns


01m 37s

Tree - Hardcoded

01m 25s

Tree - Simple

01m 37s

Tree - Structured

01m 16s

Tree - Overlapping

04m 5s

Tree - Changing Over Time

03m 21s

Tree - Degenerate Node and Edge

01m 29s

Chapter: Database Reverse Engineering


01m 29s

Comparison With Forward Engineering

02m 20s


01m 7s


02m 8s


05m 34s


01m 41s

Example - Part 1

05m 54s

Example - Part 2

08m 7s

Chapter: Conclusion


06m 19s