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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Intro To Maya

01m 27s

What To Expect

02m 19s

Chapter: 02. The Maya Interface

Interface Overview

07m 33s

Camera Controls

08m 28s

Channel Box

05m 32s

Hypergraph Outliner

04m 16s

Camera Overview

07m 26s

Open Save Scene

07m 35s

Chapter: 03. Transformations And Cameras

Select Transform

06m 18s

Channel Box Transform

05m 1s

Duplicate / Delete

08m 35s

Object Pivots

06m 57s

Grouping Parenting

10m 9s

Selection Modes

10m 8s

Chapter: 04. NURBS Modeling

NURBS Overview

03m 17s

NURBS Components

09m 55s

Creating / Editing Curves

11m 51s


10m 40s


08m 40s


09m 25s

Construction History

09m 45s

NURBS Model Demo

15m 35s

Chapter: 05. Polygon Modeling

Polygon Overview

04m 51s

Polygon Components

05m 36s

Extrude / Smooth

11m 37s

Delete / Add Faces

07m 50s

Split Faces

09m 3s


07m 2s

Merge Vertices

08m 40s

Combine / Separate

11m 43s


08m 57s

Display Options

08m 0s

Poly Model Demo

08m 11s

Chapter: 06. Rendering

Render View Intro

06m 41s

Alpha Channels

03m 27s

File Formats

03m 48s

Chapter: 07. Lighting

Light Types

10m 49s

Spotlight Manipulation

11m 38s

Light Attributes

13m 30s

Depth Map Shadows

08m 21s

3-point Lighting

12m 27s

Volume Lights

10m 47s

Chapter: 08. Texturing

Hypershade Overview

08m 22s

Create / Assign Materials

05m 18s

Material Attributes

14m 18s

2D Procedural Textures

10m 47s

Using Bitmaps

07m 9s

UV Tiling

11m 50s

3D Textures

11m 12s

Chapter: 09. UV Preparation

Intro To UVs

04m 26s

UV Texture Editor

11m 26s

Planar Mapping

12m 9s

Cylindrical Mapping

08m 59s

Automatic Mapping

07m 41s

UV Shell Overview

06m 53s

Sewing Splitting

10m 25s

Normalize Relax

07m 32s

UV Mapping Demo

16m 47s

Chapter: 10. Keyframe Animation

Intro To Animation

09m 53s

Setting Keyframes

08m 43s

Playback Channel Box

05m 12s

Timeline Editing

09m 11s

Graph Editor Intro

12m 31s

Graph Editor Continued

10m 39s

Set Key Prompt

04m 59s


06m 39s

Animation Demo

19m 18s

Chapter: 11. Batch Rendering

Render Settings Intro

03m 28s

Frame Numbering

10m 44s

Render Resolutions

07m 28s

Edge Anti-Aliasing

12m 40s

Batch Rendering

09m 19s


04m 43s

Chapter: 12. Raytracing


06m 30s

Reflection Limits

06m 33s


10m 21s

Raytrace Shadows

11m 17s

Chapter: 13. Using Mental Ray

Intro To Mental Ray

04m 33s

Mental Ray Quality Settings

05m 14s

Mental Ray Raytracing

11m 0s

Chapter: 14. Additional Techniques

Motion Blur

13m 36s

Bump Mapping

09m 46s

Projecting 2D Maps

12m 13s

Image Planes

07m 43s

Camera Attributes

11m 38s

Chapter: 15. Conclusion

About The Author

04m 10s