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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introducing a Minimal Angular Application

03m 42s

Showcasing the Application

02m 55s

Installing the Prerequisites

03m 10s

Scaffolding an Angular Application

03m 57s

Selecting an Editor or IDE

03m 7s

Chapter: Introducing the View and the Controller

Introducing Angular Directives

03m 16s

Introducing a Controller

03m 38s

Explaining the Scope and the Model

03m 31s

Using Two-way Data Binding

03m 2s

Implementing Behaviors in the Controller

03m 22s

Showing and Hiding Elements

03m 43s

Chapter: Advanced Views and Controllers

Introducing the Angular Form

03m 25s

Using Static Templates

03m 54s

Working with Dynamic Templates

03m 37s

Using Filters to Message Data

02m 10s

Introducing Client-side Routing in Our Application

03m 22s

Chapter: Dependency Injection (DI)

Using DI in a Controller

02m 58s

DI and Minifying JavaScript Files

02m 44s

Introducing the Angular $injector Service

03m 10s

Chapter: Services

Understanding Services

03m 21s

Understanding the Life Cycle of a Service

02m 49s

Using the $http Service to Access Server Resources

04m 24s

Defining a Simple Custom Service

03m 54s

Introducing Five Recipes to Create a Service

04m 34s

Chapter: Mastering Asynchronous Programming

Explaining the JavaScript Promise

04m 10s

Using the Angular $q Library

03m 53s

Chaining Multiple Asynchronous Requests

03m 39s

Canceling a $http Request

03m 26s

Chapter: Covering Code with Unit Tests

Installing Karma and Defining Config File

04m 40s

Explaining the Anatomy of a Unit Test

03m 43s

Writing a Simple Unit Test

02m 43s

Discussing the Module and the Inject Functions

02m 39s

Using the $httpBackend Mock

03m 23s

Chapter: Exploring Directives

Creating a Simple Directive

03m 18s

Understanding the Scope of a Directive

03m 16s

Interacting with the Parent Scope

03m 41s

Demystifying Transclusion

03m 46s

Testing a Directive

04m 24s

Chapter: Writing End-to-End Tests

Installing Protractor and Writing a Config File

03m 26s

Writing a Simple End-to-End test

03m 2s

Analyzing Strategies to Access Elements in a View

03m 9s