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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Who Am I?

02m 13s

A Quick Sampling Of Features

01m 35s

Finding Answers With Adobe Help

02m 4s

Having InDesign Resources At Your Fingertips

04m 48s

Chapter: Workspace Basics

Setting Up Your Own Workspace

06m 28s

The Ins And Outs Of Preferences

08m 11s

Recovery And Undo

06m 12s

Chapter: Layout

Setting Up New Documents

09m 17s

Opening And Saving Documents

07m 46s

Rulers And Setting Up Guides

08m 26s

Using Grids

04m 51s

Pages Panel Basics

02m 28s

Rotating Page View

04m 35s

Creating And Using Masters Pages

08m 29s

Setting Up Sections

05m 25s

Varying The Size Of Pages With The New Page Tool

06m 46s

The All New Layers Panel - Part 1

09m 11s

The All New Layers Panel - Part 2

09m 40s

Chapter: Frames And Objects

Selecting Objects And Moving Objects

04m 43s

Transforming Objects And Content

09m 5s

Transforming With The Control Panel

08m 45s

Aligning And Distributing Objects

08m 48s

Copying, Pasting And Duplicating Objects

07m 8s

Creating And Working With Groups

04m 24s

Chapter: Drawing

Understanding Paths And Frames

07m 13s

Using The Pen Tool

05m 51s

Using The Rectangle And Ellipse Tools

03m 37s

Creating Polygons And Stars

03m 12s

Pathfinder And Compound Paths

11m 24s

Corner Options

04m 18s

Chapter: The Basics Of Working With Text

Adding Or Placing Text

08m 54s

Using The Basics Of Find/Change

07m 1s

Check Spelling

03m 2s

Selecting And Editing Text

06m 52s

Chapter: Character Formatting

Using The Character Panel - Part 1

04m 55s

Using The Character Panel - Part 2

09m 48s

A Look Under The Character Panel Options Menu

06m 50s

Creating Custom Underlines And Strikethroughs

10m 1s

Chapter: Paragraph Formatting

Using The Paragraph Panel

08m 52s

Composing Type

05m 17s

The New Span And Split Columns Feature

05m 32s

Fun With Paragraph Rules

08m 35s

Formatting Bullets And Numbering

06m 46s

Chapter: A Look At Other Type Options

Basic Tab Formatting

11m 6s

Creating A Fill-In-The-Blanks Form Using Tabs

04m 54s

Fun With Type On A Path

08m 24s

Using The Glyphs Panel

07m 10s

Inserting Special Characters - Part 1

06m 24s

Inserting Special Characters - Part 2

08m 32s

Inserting White Space

08m 11s

Inserting Break Characters

02m 55s

Text Frame Options

08m 0s

Chapter: Styles

Creating And Using Paragraph Styles

06m 39s

Creating And Using Character Styles

08m 4s

Understanding Nested Styles

08m 34s

Creating And Using Line Styles

04m 42s

Using GREP Styles Without Being An Engineer

03m 54s

Using Next Style

04m 32s

Creating And Using Object Styles

05m 50s

Chapter: Combining Text With Objects

Working With Anchored Objects

04m 14s

Text Wrap Basics

04m 34s

Taking Text Wrap Beyond The Basics

06m 28s

Chapter: Using Long Document Features

Threading Text Frames Made Simple

04m 54s

Using Next And Previous Page In Continued Stories

04m 45s

Setting Up And Working With Books

06m 8s

Creating And Updating A Table Of Contents

04m 35s

Chapter: Setting Up Tables

Creating Simple Tables

05m 14s

Editing And Customizing Tables - Part 1

08m 26s

Editing And Customizing Tables - Part 2

06m 32s

Chapter: Adding Graphics

Understanding Graphics Formats

03m 19s

Placing Graphics

05m 12s

Fitting Graphics To Their Frames Automatically

07m 8s

Using The New Gap Tool

03m 46s

Managing Graphic Links

05m 7s

Creating And Using Snippets

05m 24s

Chapter: Color

Mixing Colors In The Color Panel

03m 3s

Creating Swatches And Tints

05m 54s

Working With Gradients

05m 14s

Understanding Process And Spot Colors

05m 1s

Making Much More Of Two Colors With Mixed Ink

06m 43s

More Swatches Panel Options

06m 30s

Chapter: Transparency

Effects Panel Basics

04m 42s

Adding Feather Effects

09m 19s

Working With Shadow Effects

06m 52s

Bevel, Emboss And More

06m 46s

Let's Get Glowing

05m 55s

Chapter: Printing

Printing Documents

07m 19s

Preflight Your Layout

06m 55s

Package To Collect Your Files For Print Production

05m 11s

Chapter: Making Layouts Interactive

Adding Simple Hyperlinks

06m 41s

Creating Buttons Will Take You Places

05m 11s

Making Objects Into Multi-State Objects

07m 1s

Animating Objects In Layouts

07m 26s

Chapter: Exporting

Acrobats For Print

08m 12s

Exporting For On-Screen And Interactive

07m 16s

Exporting To Other Formats

04m 57s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where Do You Go From Here?

02m 54s