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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction And Project Overview

Welcome - About This Course

04m 11s

Using The Project Files

01m 2s

Chapter: Introduction To The Interface

Getting Familiar With Where Things Are

01m 49s

The Command Panel

04m 24s

Working Within The Viewports

02m 49s

Right-Click Menus

03m 59s

Navigating With The Mouse

03m 30s

Creating Primitives And Parametric Objects

04m 39s

Transforming Objects Using The Transform Tools

05m 28s

Considering Keyboard Shortcuts

04m 2s

Customizing The Interface

05m 9s

Customizing The Quad Menus

03m 29s

Using Modifiers And The "Stack"

07m 38s

Chapter: Modeling The Robot

Setting Up Units And Working At A Real World Scale

03m 25s

Setting Up Modeling Planes For The Robot

08m 35s

Using Appropriate Primitives

05m 58s

Upper Arm And Shoulder

06m 52s

Lower Arm And Claw

05m 10s

Spline Modeling The Head

14m 59s

Lathing A Jet Pack

04m 7s

Lofting A Jet Pack

08m 4s

Using Primitives For The Legs

06m 9s

Box Modeling The Foot

03m 33s

Box Modeling The Helmet Crest

10m 30s

Poly Modeling The Eye Area

04m 53s

Fine Tuning

06m 43s

Chapter: Modeling The Fairy

Setting Up Modeling Planes For The Fairy

03m 29s

Box Modeling The Torso

05m 17s

Modeling The Leg

06m 12s

Modeling The Foot

04m 22s

Adding The Arm

07m 14s

Starting The Hand

10m 54s

Adding Fingers

09m 17s

Making Adjustments

04m 11s

Adding A Thumb

10m 7s

Starting The Face

06m 55s

The Cheek And Nose

12m 44s

The Nostril

05m 1s

Correcting The Flow

05m 51s

The Forehead Cheek And Chin

10m 16s

Closing The Skull

08m 1s

Neck And Jaw Line

04m 47s


10m 3s

Starting The Ear

08m 33s

The Ear Interior

09m 45s

Finishing The Ear

06m 0s

Attaching The Ear To The Head

09m 0s

A Simple Eye

08m 37s

Adding The Breast And Adjusting The Butt

09m 3s

Mirroring And Attaching Everything Together

12m 19s

Using Splines For The Wings

07m 11s

Bringing It All Together

02m 56s

Chapter: Hair And Fur And Cloth

Growing Hair And Fur On The Model

06m 8s

Growing Hair And Fur On A Scalp Object

08m 3s

Using Splines For Hair And Fur

08m 6s

A Simple Shirt

09m 30s

A Simple Skirt

05m 26s

Chapter: Materials

Understanding UVWs

05m 13s

Unwrap UVW And Maxs' Viewport Canvas

12m 35s

Material Libraries That Ship With Max

06m 24s

Customizing Materials

06m 1s

Adding Realism To Materials

05m 52s

Using Material IDs To Add A Glow Effect

06m 35s

Adding Details

04m 19s

Using Photoshop To Paint Diffuse Maps

13m 33s

Finishing The Robot's Materials

07m 10s

Unwrapping The Fairy - Placing Seams

07m 40s

Pelt Mapping

11m 53s

Organizing UVs

05m 1s

Fine Tuning The UVs With Peel

05m 7s

Unwrapping The Shirt And Skirt

04m 31s

Using Photoshop To Make Materials For The Shirt And Skirt

08m 56s

Finishing The Fairy's Materials

09m 39s

Chapter: Rigging, Hierarchies, IK And FK

Pivot Points And Hierarchical Linking

09m 49s

Fixing The Robot's Shoulders

05m 1s

Adjusting The Knees And Adding Leg Bones

08m 34s

Pelvis And Spine Bones

08m 11s

Arm And Finger Bones

08m 59s

Finishing The Finger Bones And Mirroring

08m 30s

Using IK Solvers

06m 31s

Setting Up A Basic Control Rig

05m 8s

Basic Parameter Wiring For The Fingers

09m 58s

More Parameter Wiring

10m 18s

Fixing The Pivot Point Of The Fairy

04m 1s

Starting The Skinning Process For The Fairy

10m 40s

More Skinning

10m 28s

Finishing The Skinning

09m 48s

Using Mirror Mode In The Skin Modifier

04m 26s

The Skin Morph Modifier

10m 18s

A Basic Eye Rig And The Lookat Constraint

05m 44s

Chapter: Compositing And Lighting

Understanding The Scene

03m 49s

Placing The Photograph In The Viewport

11m 14s

Matte Shadow Materials And The Environment Background

05m 29s

Refining The Shadow Catching Objects

04m 39s

Adding Reflections To Matte Shadow Materials

07m 33s

Building The Crayon

05m 16s

Creating The Crayon Label In Photoshop

10m 49s

Applying The Crayon Labels In 3ds Max

05m 46s

Merging The Robot And Fairy

08m 37s

Creating Matte Shadow Materials With Mental Ray

07m 0s

Chapter: Animating The Battle

Storyboards Save Time

05m 11s

Places Everyone

07m 13s

Blocking Scene 1 And 2

10m 0s

Blocking The Fairy In Scene 3

09m 9s

Continue Blocking The Fairy In Scene 3

05m 26s

Blocking The Robot In Scene 3

07m 32s

Continue Blocking The Robot In Scene 3

06m 19s

Blocking Scene 4

05m 37s

Discussion Of The 'Principles Of Animation'

03m 52s

The Fairy Picking Up A Crayon

08m 18s

The Robot Picking Up A Crayon

06m 27s

Refining The Robot's Movements

09m 23s

Continue Refining The Robot

08m 14s

Refining The Fairy's Movements

08m 56s

Continue Refining The Fairy

08m 57s

More Refining

08m 53s

Animating The Fairy's Wings

08m 10s

Adding Motion Blur In Mental Ray

06m 15s

Hair Dynamics

03m 46s

Cloth Simulation

05m 32s

Chapter: Particle Systems

Introduction To Particles

09m 36s

Using Gravity And Deflectors

09m 48s

Particle Materials And Motion Blur

04m 31s

Matte Crayons And The Push Modifier

06m 54s

Using PArray For Fairy Sparkles

07m 51s

Using PCloud For Fairy Sparkles

08m 57s

Effective Use Of Preview Rendering

02m 51s

Chapter: Rendering

Render Settings

10m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Thanks For Watching

00m 37s

Chapter: About The Author

A Brief History

08m 5s