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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 36s

How To Use This Course

02m 5s

Chapter: Setup And Management With Basic Server Tools

What You Need To Get Started

02m 8s

Purchasing Lion Server Through The App Store

02m 33s

Installing Mac OS X Server

02m 5s

Setting Up An Administration Computer

04m 36s

Installing The Advanced Server Admin Tools

04m 27s

Server App

04m 38s

Server Status Widget

03m 27s

Device Integration

03m 36s

Migrating Mac OS X Server

05m 6s

Link Aggregation

03m 53s

Setup And Manage Lion Server Remotely

03m 40s

Chapter: Advanced Setup And Management

Introduction To Server Admin

07m 40s

Introduction To Workgroup Manager

04m 15s

Getting The Server Documentation

01m 54s

Introduction To The Server Admin Command

13m 38s

Chapter: Foundation Network Services

Working With A Minimal DNS Service

07m 33s

Configuring A DNS Server

08m 58s

Configuring A Backup DNS Server

06m 27s

Configuring The DHCP Service

08m 4s

Configuring Network Time

05m 10s

Managing Certificates

09m 43s

Chapter: Basic Directory Services

A Short Introduction To Open Directory - Part 1

09m 11s

A Short Introduction To Open Directory - Part 2

05m 36s

Managing Users And Groups With Server App

05m 17s

Managing User Home Folders And Group Shared Folders With Server App

06m 36s

Managing Password Policies And Services Access With Server App

06m 39s

Chapter: Workgroup Manager

Importing And Exporting With Workgroup Manager

10m 43s

Managing Users Password Policies

05m 34s

Comparing Users Created In Different Apps

06m 19s

Managing Computers And Computer Groups

02m 33s

Chapter: Profile Manager

Getting Started With Profile Manager

05m 0s

Enrolling An iOS Device

04m 41s

Enrolling A Mac OS X Device

04m 21s

Exploring The Profile Manager Interface

07m 43s

Configuring Profiles

06m 43s

Device Management With Profile Manager

06m 35s

Device Management With User Portal

02m 40s

Enrollment Profiles

03m 32s

Chapter: Managed Client Preferences

Managing Client Preferences

06m 34s

Custom Managed Client Preferences

05m 10s

Creating A Mobile Account

06m 11s

Creating An External Account

04m 56s

Troubleshooting Managed Client Preferences

04m 52s

Chapter: Services And Administration Access

Configuring Services Access

08m 52s

Configuring Services Administrators

03m 41s

Configuring Limited Administrators

03m 48s

Configuring Full Administrators For Use With Server App

02m 5s

Chapter: Software Update Service

Configuring Software Update Service

03m 53s

Managing Software Update Service

02m 47s

Configuring Software Update Service With The Defaults Write Command

03m 55s

Configuring Software Update Service With Managed Preferences

03m 25s

Configuring A Cascading Software Update Service

05m 5s

Updating The Server Software With Server Admin And Server App

02m 52s

Chapter: Time Machine

Configuring Time Machine Service

07m 19s

Configuring A Server To Use Time Machine

02m 26s

Examining The Backup Data

07m 14s

Restoring With Time Machine

04m 26s

Chapter: File Sharing

Configuring The File Sharing Service

04m 12s

Options For Shared Folders

04m 44s

Connecting With AFP

07m 12s

Connecting With SMB

03m 44s

Connecting With WebDAV

04m 52s

Configuring And Connecting With FTP

04m 34s

Configuring And Connecting With NFS

03m 29s

Chapter: Mail Server

Configuring The Mail Service And Mail Accounts With Server App

05m 22s

Configuring The Mail Service With The Service Configuration Assistant

04m 18s

Enabling User Mail Accounts In Workgroup Manager

02m 37s

Configuring Mail Service Manually In Server Admin

07m 5s

Configuring Mailing Lists

06m 51s

Deploying Mail Settings

03m 8s

Chapter: Web Hosting

Starting The Web Service With A Default Website

03m 29s

Exploring The Default Website

05m 0s

Creating A Custom Website

04m 23s

Viewing Website Log Files

04m 52s

Securing A Website

03m 13s

Restricting A Website

02m 6s

Disabling And Deleting A Website

02m 21s

Chapter: Wiki Server

Configuring The Wiki Services In Server App

03m 32s

Creating A Wiki

03m 50s

Exploring The Wiki Service Navigation Tool Bar

04m 6s

Creating And Editing Content In The Wiki Service

05m 38s

Share Files In The Wiki Service

02m 10s

Searching For Content

02m 45s

Email Notifications

03m 11s

Exploring The Blogs In The Wiki Service

02m 34s

Exploring The My Page And People Pages

03m 57s

Exploring The Calendar In The Wiki Service

03m 33s

Chapter: Address Book Server

Configuring And Exploring The Address Book Service

05m 8s

Include Directory Contacts In The Address Book Service

05m 50s

Batch Importing People In To The Directory Service

05m 44s

Explore The Address Book Service from iOS

03m 47s

Chapter: iCal Server

Configuring The iCal Service With Resources And Locations

03m 7s

Exploring The iCal Service From iCal And Calendar

06m 44s


06m 48s

Chapter: iChat Server

Configuring The iChat Service

02m 22s

Exploring The iChat Server From iChat App

06m 33s

Examining iChat Log Files

05m 57s

Chapter: Directory Services

Archiving Open Directory

04m 19s

Returning A Server To The Standalone Role

02m 40s

Restoring Open Directory

03m 33s

Creating A Single Sign On Environment

07m 17s

Creating Open Directory replicas

07m 42s

Examining The Failover Process

02m 24s

Chapter: Podcasting And Xgrid

Configuring Podcast Producer

04m 34s

Configuring Additional Xgrid Agents

04m 55s

Using Podcast Capture With The Podcast Library

06m 8s

Using Podcast Publisher With The Podcast Service

07m 33s

Managing Xgrid

08m 1s

Chapter: NetBoot

Configuring The NetBoot Service

05m 18s

Using System Image Utility To Create A NetBoot Image

05m 57s

Using NetBoot Images

05m 33s

Using System Image Utility To Create A NetBoot Install Image

05m 48s

Using System Image Utility To Create A NetBoot Restore Image

02m 8s

Using NetBoot Restore Images

03m 31s

Examining The NetBoot Service

05m 24s

Chapter: ASK Gateway Services

Configuring And Using The VPN Service

06m 14s

Configuring The Firewall Service

05m 1s

Configuring The NAT Service

03m 20s

Chapter: Conclusion

Thank You

00m 57s