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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Installing OS X Lion


02m 12s


05m 18s

An Overview Of Lion

07m 27s

Hardware Requirements

05m 4s

Preparing For Moving Day

06m 41s

Andy's Top Ten

04m 11s

Getting A Little Help With Migration Assistant

02m 45s

Chapter: 02. Staying Secure And Up To Date


01m 54s

Desktops And Docks

08m 9s

Data Security And Disk Images

06m 0s

Locating Missing Passwords With Keychain

02m 17s

Keeping Up To Date

02m 45s

Using Resume To Pick Up Where You Left Off

01m 22s

Chapter: 03. Working In The Finder


01m 33s

Moving Through The Finder

05m 43s

Using Finder Services

07m 24s

Contextual Menus

02m 38s

Creating An Alias

01m 57s

Renaming, Moving And Copying Files

04m 10s

Working With File Properties

03m 24s

Working With Autosave And Versions

04m 14s

A Peek At Mission Control

03m 54s


00m 51s

Network Alias

01m 3s

Chapter: 04. The Dock And Launchpad


01m 1s

Adding And Deleting Items From The Dock

03m 19s

Working Though Dock Options

02m 52s

Creating Stacks In The Dock

04m 41s

Trash Versus Eject

02m 26s

Setting Up The Launchpad

03m 2s

Adding Additional Screens To Launchpad

01m 46s

Organizing Launchpad With Folder

02m 23s

Chapter: 05. The Dashboard And Widgets


01m 4s

The Dashboard And Widgets

03m 17s

Finding Additional Widgets

04m 1s

Chapter: 06. Working With Spotlight


01m 39s

Controlling Spotlight With Preferences

02m 56s

Conducting Basic Searches And More

05m 5s

Performing Advanced Searches

05m 37s

Chapter: 07. Have It Your Way


01m 34s

Changing Appearances

04m 17s

Setting Up Expose And Spaces

03m 55s

Making Your Mac Safe And Secure

05m 24s

Controlling CDs And DVDs

02m 34s

Managing Your Display

03m 9s

Save Energy And Work Smart

03m 9s

Configuring Your Mouse - Trackpad

03m 30s

Configuring Date - Time

02m 50s

Working With Multiple Startup Disks

03m 31s

Saving The Past With Time Machine

03m 32s

Chapter: 08. Getting Connected To The World


01m 32s

Working With MobileMe

05m 47s

Setting Up A Network

04m 50s

Adding Bluetooth Devices

02m 46s

To Share Or Not To Share

03m 33s

Chapter: 09. Working With Gestures


01m 17s

Interacting With Computers

06m 18s

Setting Up Trackpad Preferences

03m 57s

Moving - Grabbing And Dragging

04m 9s

Working With Rubberbanding

01m 40s

Using Pinch To Zoom - Rotate

02m 9s

Working In Full-Screen Mode

03m 19s

Controlling Spaces With Gestures

03m 0s

Chapter: 10. Setting Up A User Account


01m 42s

Setting Up An Account

03m 14s

Fast User Switching And Setting Permissions

02m 27s

Chapter: 11. Safari


01m 1s

Working With Safari Preferences

07m 46s

Surfing And Searching

06m 14s

Top Sites And Reading Lists

05m 5s

Organization Through Folders

04m 1s

Controlling Safari History

03m 11s

Saving Websites To The Dashboard

03m 1s

Chapter: 12. E-Mail With Apple Mail 5


01m 19s

Setting Up Mail Preferences

05m 35s

Setting Up A Mail Account

05m 51s

Using Mail Rules

05m 13s

Configuring The Mail Workspace

02m 41s

Organizing With Mailboxes

03m 34s

Working With Conversations

02m 10s

Sending An E-Mail

04m 15s

Working With Mail Finder

02m 39s

Transferring Mail Accounts

05m 39s

Chapter: 13. The Amazing iTunes


01m 27s

iTunes Preferences

07m 19s

Converting A CD Library To iTunes

05m 13s

Creating A Playlist

06m 16s

Adding Album Artwork

02m 21s

Generating Smart Playlists

01m 52s

Working With iTunes And Movies

06m 39s

Using The iTunes Visualizer

01m 38s

The iTunes Store

01m 59s

Chapter: 14. Working with QuickTime, iChat And The Finder


02m 17s

Editing With QuickTime

05m 57s

Screen, Audio and Move Capture

03m 44s

iChat Basics

04m 40s

Screen Sharing In iChat

03m 36s

Cool Finder Tricks

03m 34s

Working In The Finder With Folder Actions

04m 14s

Chapter: 15. Working With iCal


01m 17s

Setting iCal Preferences

03m 14s

iCal Interface And Features

03m 57s

Setting Up Events, Reminders And Invitees

07m 32s

Restoring iCal From An Archive

03m 1s

Syncing iCal With Other Devices

02m 22s

Chapter: 16. Automator And The Terminal


01m 23s

Working In Automator

05m 32s

Using Multiple Tasks With Automator

03m 56s

The Terminal App

03m 13s

Final Thoughts

03m 5s