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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. About This Course

What You Will Accomplish

04m 18s

About The Author

02m 2s

Chapter: 02. User Interface

Application Menu

01m 42s


04m 6s

Options Bar

02m 13s

Viewing And Drawing Area

01m 58s

Project Browser

02m 27s

Properties Palette

02m 23s

Quick Access Toolbar

02m 26s

Status Bar

01m 57s

Zooming Tools

04m 31s

Chapter: 03. Things You Must Do First

Installing Revit Structure

02m 48s


02m 30s

Project Origin

02m 12s

Reference Planes

03m 17s

Elevation Markers

02m 32s


05m 2s


02m 34s

Chapter: 04. Linking Revit Files

Linking Revit

02m 57s

Manage Links

03m 29s

Adjusting Views

03m 28s

Chapter: 05. Levels

Linked Levels And Project Levels

04m 18s

Adjusting Level Appearance

04m 43s

Making New Types

03m 7s

Chapter: 06. Grids

Linked Grids And Project Grids

01m 42s

Making Grids

03m 34s

Adjusting Grid Appearance

03m 2s

Making New Types

03m 52s

Chapter: 07. Walls

Preparing The View

02m 52s

Wall Options

03m 16s


04m 19s

Viewing Walls In 3D

02m 46s

View Cube And 3D Navigation

03m 0s


04m 41s

Wall Joins

03m 3s


03m 2s


03m 27s

Making New Types

09m 4s

Chapter: 08. Columns

Loading Types

02m 21s

Adding Columns

06m 48s

Detail Level

01m 55s


03m 21s

Move And Copy

06m 12s

Dimensions For Review And Moving

03m 23s

Chapter: 09. Footings And Foundations

Duplicate View

05m 43s

Wall Footings

01m 36s

Isolated Footing

01m 37s

Edit Type

03m 7s

Edit Wall Profile For Step

05m 46s

Add Stepped Footing Riser

04m 35s

View Range

04m 23s

Chapter: 10. Beams

Loading Types

02m 10s

Adding Beams

02m 40s

Properties Palette

04m 34s

Chapter: 11. Beam Systems

Loading Types

01m 30s

Set Work Plane

01m 50s

Adding A Beam System

04m 56s

Editing A Beam System

07m 50s

Chapter: 12. Bracing

Loading Types

01m 31s

Adding Bracing

02m 47s

Editing Bracing

03m 53s

Chapter: 13. Floors And Slabs

Make A Slab

03m 40s

Cut A Section View

04m 0s

Make A Structural Floor

03m 19s

Making New Types

03m 11s

Editing The Floor

07m 9s

Floor Slab Edge

05m 4s

Chapter: 14. Roof

Make A Roof

02m 49s

Making New Types

01m 34s

Editing The Roof

03m 42s

Chapter: 15. Stairs

Make A Stair

03m 57s

Making New Types

03m 2s

Editing The Stair

05m 56s

Chapter: 16. Rebar

Rebar Cover Settings

01m 15s

Loading Types

01m 28s

Adding Area Reinforcement

06m 15s

Adding Path Reinforcement

03m 21s

Placing Rebar

04m 16s

Chapter: 17. Schedules

Make A Beam Schedule

04m 28s

Duplicate A Beam Schedule

01m 9s

Sort A Beam Schedule

04m 8s

Filter A Beam Schedule

02m 50s

Add Parameters

03m 20s

Add A Formula

02m 10s

Column Schedule

02m 16s

Chapter: 18. Views And Sheets

Elevations And Sections

05m 26s

3D Section Box

02m 44s

Camera And View Display

05m 30s

Navigating 3D Views

05m 15s

Managing Open Views

02m 29s

Make A Sheet

01m 32s


05m 48s

Place Views On Sheets

04m 36s

View Scale

02m 36s

Activate Views On Sheets

05m 3s

Crop Region

07m 48s

Sheet List Schedule

01m 44s

Chapter: 19. Detailing

Drafting Views

01m 9s


05m 29s

Loading Detail Components

06m 9s

Using Detail Components

08m 20s

Filled Regions

05m 2s

Grouping Details

06m 50s


06m 24s

Detail Lines

03m 26s


09m 21s

Adding Details To A Sheet

02m 22s

Chapter: 20. Refining Graphics And Printing

Adding Remaining Views To Sheets

08m 14s

Visibility Graphics

09m 10s

Visibility Graphics Of Links

06m 30s

View Templates

09m 6s


06m 27s

Chapter: 21. Collaboration And Refining The Model

Updating Changes To A Revit Link

04m 47s

Export To CAD

02m 47s

Linking CAD Files

02m 20s

Working With Linked CAD Files

01m 47s

Introduction To Worksharing

07m 15s