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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with PrimeFaces

Course Objectives

06m 7s

Developing Your First PrimeFaces Application with and without Maven

07m 56s

Selecting a Theme

04m 59s

Chapter: Developing a "My Gallery" Website – Client Side

What Will We Develop?

02m 44s

Creating a Page Layout

03m 26s

Adding the DataTable Component

08m 28s

Adding the Gallery

07m 6s

Adding the Upload

08m 25s

Chapter: Developing a "My Gallery" Website – Server Side

Creating the Application's Classes

02m 7s

Creating the MyPhoto Class

01m 48s

Linking the Data Table to the Server Side

03m 44s

Linking Upload to the Server Side

03m 41s

Testing the Application

03m 40s

Chapter: Treating Application Errors/Warnings/Info/Status

Adding PrimeFaces Growl to Keep the User Informed

05m 15s

Adding PrimeFaces AjaxStatus

03m 49s

The Final Test of the Application

02m 20s