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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Basics And Getting Around


02m 40s

Loading A Preset Scene

04m 21s

The Carrara Rooms

02m 43s

The Screen Layout

03m 43s

Moving Around In 3D Space

04m 23s

Window Views And Layouts

03m 48s

2D Vs. 3D Views

01m 54s

Chapter: 02. Working With Objects

Loading An Object

03m 24s

Loading A Primitive

01m 26s

Moving, Scaling And Rotating

07m 35s

Collision Detection

02m 3s

Parenting And Grouping

03m 28s


04m 49s

Moving The Hot Point

02m 58s

Adding A Shader

03m 29s

Saving An Object

01m 30s


06m 14s

Numerics And Constraints

02m 59s

Chapter: 03. Working With Poser/Daz Content

Adding A Runtime

03m 13s

Loading A Figure

04m 25s

Adding Clothes And Poses

05m 40s

Posing The Figure

03m 57s

Using Point At

01m 42s

Chapter: 04. Cameras, Lighting And Scene Effects

Adding A Camera

06m 54s

Pointing Cameras

01m 34s

Saving A Camera Position

01m 7s

Types Of Lighting Part 1

07m 24s

Types Of Lighting Part 2

01m 19s

Types Of Lights

08m 35s

Anything Glows

04m 51s

Light Effects

05m 41s

Global Illumination

06m 23s

Skies And Atmospheres

10m 21s


11m 9s

Black Eyes Syndrome

01m 23s


06m 21s

Indoor Indirect Lighting

03m 13s

Chapter: 05. Rendering

Types Of Rendering

05m 26s

Render Options Part 1

08m 17s

Render Options Part 2

03m 4s

Render Size

02m 56s

Multipass Rendering

04m 37s

Batch Rendering

02m 28s

Depth of Field

05m 4s

Chapter: 06. Primitives

Basic Primitives

06m 16s


15m 22s


06m 11s


08m 37s

Fire, Fountains And Fog

03m 16s


02m 15s


03m 48s

Chapter: 07. Shaders

Shader Channels

06m 56s

Shader Texture Types

10m 28s

Shader Layers

04m 15s

Terrain Shaders

03m 30s


05m 22s

Shaders For Daz & Poser Figures

07m 37s

Shaders For Indirect Lighting

06m 14s

Shadow Catchers

03m 54s

Chapter: 08. Hair

Hair Basics

08m 4s

Hair Tools

09m 41s

Hair Shaders

07m 46s

Human Hair Part 1

05m 32s

Human Hair Part 2

05m 57s

Human Hair Part 3

04m 37s

Strays For Added Realism In Hair

03m 54s

Chapter: 09. Replicators

Grid Replicator Part 1

08m 35s

Grid Replicator Part 2

04m 23s

Surface Replicators

05m 49s


05m 11s

Cityscape Scene

06m 10s

Using Distribution Maps - Path Through A Forest

04m 47s

Chapter: 10. Animating

Types Of Animation

01m 43s

Keyframe Animation

05m 45s


04m 19s

Physics Animation

04m 28s

Figure Animation And Bones

04m 43s

Figure Animation - Extra

02m 2s

Non-Linear Animation

08m 0s

Converting An Existing Animation Into A Clip

03m 35s

Animating Shaders And Other Properties

04m 31s

Chapter: 11. Particles

Creating A Particle System

05m 11s

Editing A Particle System

04m 46s

Chapter: 12. 3D Painting

3D Painting Basics

08m 33s

3D Paint Projects

07m 2s

Displacement Painting

06m 36s

Chapter: 13. Modeling

Spline Modeler

09m 11s

Vertex Modeler

13m 45s


03m 26s

Booleans And Cuts

05m 15s

Surface Tools

06m 52s

Edge Tools

06m 40s

Metaball Modeling

03m 10s

Organic Modeling

07m 6s

Creating Your Own Morphs

03m 23s

Chapter: 14. Postworking The Final Image

Levels And Fixing Artifacts

03m 37s

Liquify Filter

02m 31s


06m 13s


02m 17s

Chapter: 15. Putting It All Together To Create Great Images

Landscape Scene

16m 53s

Fantasy Scene

20m 5s

Modeling Spaceship

16m 40s

Animation Scene

08m 5s

About The Author

02m 36s