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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

01m 23s

About The Author

01m 32s

What You Need To Know

02m 24s

What Is A Build System?

04m 12s

Why Gulp.JS?

05m 32s

Software Required

05m 30s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Installing Gulp.JS

Your First Gulp Project

06m 21s

Chapter: Creating Gulp Tasks

Compressing Images

05m 20s

Cleaning The Build Folder

01m 42s

Creating A Default Task

01m 31s

Watching Files And Automation

02m 29s

Development And Production Builds

05m 5s

Chapter: HTML Processing

HTML Preprocessing

04m 59s

HTML Minification In Production Builds

02m 22s

Analyzing Your Optimizations

01m 59s

Chapter: CSS Processing

Pre-Processing With SASS

07m 50s

Image To Data URI Conversion

07m 12s

Post-Processing With Pleeease

04m 34s

Chapter: Javascript Processing

Javascript Validation

04m 20s

Javascript Dependency Management

04m 25s

Javascript Minification

03m 3s

Chapter: Automated Testing

Multiple Device Testing With BrowserSync

05m 52s

Chapter: Further Resources

Finding Gulp.JS Plugins

01m 23s

More Gulp.JS Resources

01m 1s

Chapter: Conclusion

Gulp.JS Summary

01m 23s