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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction To 3D

About This Course

02m 20s

Working With The Dataset For This Course

05m 9s

3D Modeling Overview

02m 23s

AutoCAD 3D Commands And Workspaces

03m 43s

Navigating 3D Models

04m 51s

Changing The Display

03m 31s

Using The ViewCube

07m 16s

Orbiting Your 3D Model

05m 32s

Using Viewport Controls

04m 50s

Chapter: 02. Working In 3D

The AutoCAD Coordinate System

04m 48s

UCS Basics

05m 12s

UCS Multifunctional Grips

03m 36s

Using Named UCSs

05m 25s

Dynamically Changing The Coordinate System

02m 30s

Using 3D OSNAPs

03m 50s

Bringing It Together - Track With Object Snaps In 3D (Architectural)

04m 54s

Bringing It Together - Track With Object Snaps In 3D (Mechanical)

03m 46s

Chapter: 03. Wireframes And Surface Modeling

Using Polylines And Lines In A 3D World

10m 49s

Adding Surfaces - Regions, Solids, And 3D Faces

12m 1s

Add A Surface Between Objects (The Rulesurf And Tabsurf Commands)

03m 18s

Creating Circular Surfaces (The Revsurf Command)

02m 53s

Using Edges To Define A Surface Plane (The Edgesurf Command)

02m 34s

Using The Loft Command To Create 3D Meshes

02m 36s

Chapter: 04. Creating Primitive Solid Models

Create Solid Primitive - The Basics

07m 40s

Bringing It Together - Create Solid Primitives - Creating 3D From 2D

03m 50s

Chapter: 05. Creating Models From 2D Profiles

2D Profiles Overview

02m 33s

Using The Extrude Command

04m 16s

Using The Loft Command

03m 52s

Using The Polysolid Command

03m 49s

Using The Revolve Command

03m 48s

Using The Sweep Command

04m 15s

Using The Press/Pull Command

03m 54s

Bringing It Together - Creating Mass Shapes (Architectural)

04m 35s

Bringing It Together - Create A Window Guide (Mechanical)

05m 5s

Chapter: 06. Creating Composite Solids

Composite Solids Overview

03m 3s

Creating Solids Using Union

03m 2s

Creating Solids Using Subtract

04m 35s

Creating Solids Using Intersect

01m 32s

Checking Interference

04m 28s

Bringing It Together - Create Composite Solids (Mechanical)

04m 53s

Bringing It Together - Create Composite Solids (Architectural)

05m 17s

Chapter: 07. Adding Detail To Your Solid Models

Filleting Solid Models

03m 24s

Chamfering Solid Models

02m 48s

Slicing A Solid Model

04m 56s

Chapter: 08. Editing Solid Models

Solid History And Editing Methods

03m 13s

Grip Editing Solid Models

06m 55s

Offsetting Faces

02m 34s

Deleting Faces

03m 31s

Rotating Faces

02m 31s

Tapering Faces

03m 26s

Creating A Shell

02m 50s

Imprinting Edges

03m 44s

Separating Solids

01m 50s

Changing Face Color

03m 26s

Changing Edge Color

02m 5s

Bringing It Together - Editing Solid Models (Architectral)

07m 23s

Bringing It Together - Editing Solid Models (Mechanical)

04m 13s

Chapter: 09. Extracting Geometry From Solid Models

Copying Faces

02m 39s

Copying Edges

03m 54s

Extracting All Model Edges

01m 41s

Exploding 3D Models

02m 10s

Bringing It Together - Extracting Geometry From Solid Models

03m 52s

Chapter: 10. Modyfying The Model Position

Overview Of The 3D Gizmo

02m 6s

Moving In 3D

03m 9s

Aligning In 3D

04m 12s

Rotating In 3D

02m 30s

Scaling In 3D

02m 3s

Bringing It Together - Manipulate The Models (Mechanical)

02m 53s

Bringing It Together - Manipulate The Models (Architectural)

05m 51s

Chapter: 11. Duplicating The Model

Mirroring In 3D

02m 44s

Arraying In 3D

05m 2s

Chapter: 12. Converting Objects

Overview Converting 2D Objects To Solids Or Surfaces

02m 7s

Converting 2D Objects To Solids Or Surfaces

02m 14s

Thickening Surfaces To Solids

02m 48s

Chapter: 13. Viewing Models

Overview Of Viewing Models

01m 37s

Displaying 2D Geometry From A 3D Model (Flatshot Command)

04m 46s

Creating Simple Sections (Section Command)

03m 11s

Creating And Using Live Section Planes

03m 32s

Generating 2D/3D Sections

03m 2s

Chapter: 14. Plotting Your Models

Generating 2D Views Of 3D Models - Mechanical

07m 44s

Create A Section Plane Layout View - Mechanical

06m 27s

Create Layouts Of 3D Models - Architectural

06m 53s

Importing A 3D Model And Plotting It Using Automatic Model Documentation

07m 1s

Chapter: 15. Using Visual Styles

Visual Styles And The Visual Styles Manager

02m 31s

Creating And Exporting A Visual Style

04m 1s

Applying Visual Styles To Layout Views

03m 1s

Chapter: 16. Using Lights

Overview Of Lighting

03m 48s

Bringing It Together - Work With Lights In A Scene - Architectural

08m 18s

Bringing It Together - Work With Lights In A Scene - Mechanical

05m 44s

Bringing It Together - A Sun Study

04m 52s

Chapter: 17. Using Materials

Using The Materials Browser And Predefined Materials

06m 8s

Creating And Editing Materials

08m 33s

Bringing It All Together - Add Materials To Your Scene (Mechanical)

03m 57s

Chapter: 18. Rendering

The Rendering Environment And The Different Ways To Render

05m 16s

Advanced Rendering

03m 6s

Chapter: 19. Navigating The Model

Walking And Flying Through A Model

05m 26s

Recording An Animation

04m 40s

Chapter: 20. Using Cameras And Named Views

Creating And Using Cameras

07m 48s

Chapter: 21. Using ShowMotion For Presentations

Overview Of ShowMotion

02m 45s

Creating Views For Presentation With ShowMotion

08m 21s

Bringing It All Together - Using ShowMotion (Mechanical)

07m 37s

Chapter: 22. Finale

About Me

03m 34s