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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Cloud Services

Introduction And About The Author

03m 33s

Service Models

08m 55s

Service And Deployment Models

08m 42s

Deployment Models Summary

05m 1s

Deployment Models And Benefits

10m 48s

Distributed Processing - The Reverse Cloud

07m 15s

Building Internal Cloud Hardware

08m 36s

Building Internal Cloud Software

04m 15s

Using An External Cloud

07m 41s

Chapter: Securing The Infrastructure


08m 51s


08m 2s

Policy Samples

09m 7s

Risk Management Introduction

05m 42s

Risk Assessment

06m 50s

Risk Management

08m 47s

Security Program And CIA

06m 54s


14m 40s

Types Of Security

09m 40s

Sensitive Data

09m 1s

Data Classification

06m 31s


08m 14s

Bastion Host - Part 1

06m 48s

Bastion Host - Part 2

08m 27s

Configuration Control

05m 3s

Security Training - Part 1

07m 37s

Security Training - Part 2

08m 17s

User Provisioning

10m 45s

Monitoring And Incident Response

06m 50s

Incident Response Process

06m 46s

Chapter: Preparing For Cloud Use

Introduction And Framework For Governance

08m 33s

Planning For Cloud Use

08m 8s

Planning For Cloud Use - Readiness Tool

11m 49s

Security Controls

11m 52s

Enterprise Connect Zone

06m 57s

Web App Security

11m 38s

Security As A Service

07m 0s

Security Controls Summary

08m 6s

Due Diligence On The CSP

06m 37s

Chapter: The Cloud Services Agreement

Required Services

09m 3s

NDA, Access And Compliance

06m 8s

Data Protection And Redundancy

07m 24s

Data Fault Tolerance And Redundancy

06m 6s

System Fault Tolerance And Redundancy

06m 54s

Connectivity Fault Tolerance And Redundancy

08m 14s

Notification And Penalties

06m 42s

CSP Prudent Management

06m 39s

Monitoring The CSP

04m 34s

Chapter: Staying Secure In The Cloud

Cautious Implementation

06m 43s

Inspections - Monitoring And Metrics

07m 24s

Incident Response And Key Escrow

05m 15s

Agreement Monitoring And Enforcement

05m 58s

Chapter: Wrap Up

Course Review

04m 26s