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Table of Contents

Chapter: 1. Introduction to WordPress


00m 52s

About Blogging?

00m 45s

Using the Exercise Files

01m 46s

Chapter: 2. Self Hosting Installation

Web Hosting

02m 59s

Downloading WordPress

01m 59s

Configure wp-config.php

03m 9s

Upload WordPress to a Web Server

04m 13s

Preparing for Installation

04m 6s

How to Install WordPress

03m 37s

Log In

01m 52s

Changing Passwords

02m 18s

Chapter: 3. Interface

At a Glance

02m 54s

Touring the Dashboard

02m 42s

Administration Panels

01m 27s

Chapter: 4. Changing a Blog's Appearance


04m 16s

How to Upload a New WordPress Theme

01m 56s

Uploading Themes From the Appearance Panel

01m 46s

Switching Themes

01m 47s

How to Customize Your Theme

04m 9s

Modifying CSS

05m 15s

Modifying PHP

03m 48s

Chapter: 5. Widgets

Widgets at a Glance

03m 14s

Adding Widgets

02m 35s

Customizing Widgets

03m 29s

Chapter: 6. Writing Posts

How to add a New Post

01m 2s

Using the Write Post Admin Panel

02m 15s

Writing Posts With the Visual Editor

04m 19s

Using the More Tag

02m 25s

Toolbar Options

04m 12s

Adding Hyperlinks Links

02m 49s

Applying Categories

03m 40s

Applying Tags

02m 38s

Previewing a Post

04m 38s

Scheduling a Post

02m 25s

Controlling Post Visibility

03m 12s

Publishing a Post

02m 35s

Chapter: 7. Adding Pages

About Blog Pages

01m 10s

Using the Add New Page Admin Panel

02m 30s

Adding Pages With the Visual Editor

03m 48s

Customizing Page Settings

01m 57s

Controlling the Page Order

02m 32s

Previewing a Page

02m 17s

Scheduling a Page

01m 22s

Controlling Page Visibility

02m 31s

Publishing a Page

02m 6s

Chapter: 8. Uploading Media Content

How and Where to Upload

05m 0s

Customizing Content Settings

04m 7s

Adding an Image

04m 53s

Changing the Settings For an Image

01m 37s

Inserting an Image From a URL

02m 38s

How to Insert Video in WordPress

02m 34s

Inserting Audio

02m 0s

Inserting Other Media

02m 41s

Managing Your Content

01m 32s

Chapter: 9. Managing Posts and Pages

How to Edit Blog Posts

03m 31s

Editing Pages

02m 1s

Chapter: 10. Managing Categories and Tags

Managing Categories

03m 27s

Managing Tags

02m 3s

Chapter: 11. Adding Link Lists

About Hyperlinks

01m 4s

Adding Links

02m 13s

Managing Links

01m 21s

Link Categories - Part 1

01m 14s

Link Categories - Part 2

01m 56s

Chapter: 12. Communicating Through Comments

Allowing Readers to Comment

02m 56s

Discussion Settings

03m 45s

Moderating Comments

02m 47s

Managing Comments

03m 19s

Chapter: 13. Adding and Editing Users

Editing Your Profile

04m 11s

Changing Your Avatar

02m 26s

Adding Another User

04m 48s

Editing User Accounts

01m 29s

Chapter: 14. Using WordPress Plug-Ins

Understanding Plug-Ins

01m 32s

How to Install WordPress Plug-Ins

04m 20s

Managing Plug-Ins

02m 7s

Chapter: 15. Settings

General Settings

03m 17s

Writing Settings

01m 55s

Reading Settings

02m 39s

Discussion Settings

02m 8s

Media Settings

01m 14s

Privacy Settings

01m 0s


02m 53s


01m 58s

Chapter: 16. Advanced Dashboard

An Overview of the Dashboard

01m 58s

Using QuickPress

01m 19s

Moderating Comments

00m 47s

Customizing the Admin Panels

01m 26s

Using Other Dashboard Tools

02m 4s

Chapter: 17. Advanced Techniques

Using the HTML Editor

02m 12s

Importing Posts From Other Blog Platforms

01m 8s

Chapter: 18. Maintaining Your Blog

Handling Basic Maintenance

04m 45s

How to Back Up Your WordPress Blog

04m 42s


01m 54s

Stopping Spam

01m 5s

Chapter: 19. Extras

Plugin: Kimili Flash Embed - Part 1

00m 57s

Plugin: Kimili Flash Embed - Part 2

01m 46s

Plugin: Kimili Flash Embed - Part 3

01m 6s

Plugin: Kimili Flash Embed - Part 4

03m 8s

Plugin: Kimili Flash Embed - Part 5

02m 5s

Plugin: Exclude Pages

02m 3s

Plugin: Order Categories

02m 29s

Plugin: WordPress DBManager

05m 6s

Plugin: All In One SEO

03m 59s

Plugin: Google Sitemap Generator

03m 21s

Plugin: Akismet

02m 6s

Plugin: Sociable

02m 18s

Chapter: 20. Artisteer

About Artisteer

01m 29s

Interface Overview

01m 39s

Suggest a Design

01m 34s

Customizing a Theme

04m 22s

Exporting Your Theme

02m 33s