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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Installing Express.js and Command-line Tools

04m 18s

A Special Note for Windows Users

00m 51s

Bootstrapping Your First App

03m 16s

What Just Happened?

01m 22s

Structure of an Express.js App

05m 32s

Chapter: Frontend Development

Introducing the Jade Template Engine

07m 13s

Introducing Stylus

03m 0s

Bootstrap with Jade and Stylus

03m 40s

Public and Static Files

02m 38s

Other Templating Options

04m 15s

Chapter: Planning Our Application

Planning the Structure of Our Application

03m 38s

Installing the Necessary Modules

03m 16s

Creating Our Endpoints

06m 25s

Chapter: Creating Our User Interface

Creating Our Application’s User Interface

04m 33s

Understanding Logic-less Templates

01m 24s

Displaying Dynamic Data with Jade

07m 19s

Chapter: Automated Testing

Why Automate Tests?

02m 57s

Micro Testing/Unit Testing Versus Full Stack Testing

04m 52s

Setting Up Test Tools

06m 14s

Server-side JS Testing Versus Client-side JS Testing

04m 8s

Chapter: Storing Data in MongoDB

Installing and Configuring MongoDB

01m 54s

Wiring Up Mongoose.js

02m 24s

Creating Our Models

01m 55s

Differences between MongoDB and a Relational Database

03m 43s

Collecting Data

06m 29s

Chapter: Authenticating Users

Adding Passport.js Authentication

08m 3s

Understanding Sessions

02m 51s

Using Facebook or Twitter for Authentication

06m 53s

Chapter: Deployment Options

Deploying Your Application

06m 43s

Deploying Your App to the Cloud via Heroku

06m 51s

Considerations for Deploying Your App to Traditional Servers

07m 57s

Chapter: Final Thoughts

Custom Modules

01m 44s

Opinionated MVC Framework – Sails.js

01m 37s

Popular Blogging Tool – Ghost

01m 51s

Client-side MVC Tools

01m 38s for WebSocket Connections

03m 0s


01m 4s