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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating a Clock

Setting Up the HTML and CSS

08m 32s

Knowing When the Document is Loaded

03m 47s

Understanding What Objects Are

06m 52s

The Difference between Browsers

04m 43s

Tying Up Loose Ends

05m 32s

Chapter: Object-Oriented Programming

Building with Objects

08m 40s

Scoping for Your Scope: ‘this’ not ‘that’

07m 34s

Constructing a Constructor

07m 19s

Reusing Objects

11m 47s

Chapter: Prototype

Creating Methods with the Prototype

07m 11s

Augmenting Built-in Objects

07m 16s

Static Properties and Methods

14m 9s

Moving Our Code into a Namespace

05m 30s

Chapter: Inheritance

Functions that Have Functions

04m 16s

Inheriting Your Parents' Belongings

09m 45s

Creating a Polyfill for Object.create

05m 30s

Overriding Properties and Methods

07m 37s

Creating an Alarm Clock

07m 23s

Chapter: Events and Callbacks

Turning DIVs into Editable Content in HTML5

05m 1s

Listening to Events

07m 21s

Setting the Alarm Time Dynamically

05m 46s

Dispatching Events

06m 5s

Custom Callbacks

10m 48s