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Table of Contents

Chapter: Keeping Software Under Control

Understanding Version Control

05m 35s

Chapter: Let's Git Started

Using Git with Nitrous

02m 16s

Verify Your Git Installation and Version

00m 33s

Setting Up Globals

01m 21s

Chapter: The Git Workflow Under a Microscope

A Typical Git Workflow

03m 52s

Setting the Stage

05m 53s

The Commit – an Intimate Look

04m 10s

The Git Directory

04m 16s

The Remote

03m 40s

Tracking Remotes

02m 12s

Chapter: When Your Development Takes a Detour


01m 55s

Branching in Git

08m 11s

Chapter: Communicating with Developers of the Future

History and How It'll Affect the Future

02m 53s

The Commit Messages

07m 27s

Merging in Git

07m 24s

How to Reset Your Changes

03m 17s

Chapter: Changing the Way to Manage History

Altering History

00m 46s

Applying Rebase in Git

05m 54s

Using Blame

01m 21s

Using Diff

01m 58s

Bisecting in Git

03m 8s

Patching Up Git

02m 24s

Git subModules

01m 52s

Chapter: Git-ting More Efficient


06m 39s


02m 29s

GUI Clients for Git

02m 0s

Chapter: Leaving the Nest

When Troubles Arise

06m 17s

The Ultimate Reference: A Git repository

01m 6s

Chapter: Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

03m 50s

Chapter: References and Resources

References and Resources

04m 48s