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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome To The Course

Introduction To Java - Beyond The Basics

05m 46s

About The Author

01m 28s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Review Of Java Topics And Getting Up To Speed

Types And Variables

04m 31s

Classes And Constructors

01m 53s


02m 13s

Conditional Operators

03m 14s

Switch And Ternary Operators

06m 26s


05m 54s

Basic Data Structures

03m 58s

Packages And Jars

04m 20s

Basic Unit Testing In Java With J-Unit 4

04m 34s

Chapter: Object Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, And Polymorp

Basic Terms

07m 1s

Basic Object Inheritance And Overriding The ToString Method

06m 34s

Object - Basic Extension - Part 1

07m 24s

Object - Basic Extension - Part 2

05m 6s

Polymorphism - First Look

07m 34s

Planning Our System

02m 37s

Introduction To Interfaces

05m 21s

Create And Implement The Race Participant Interface

06m 49s

Implementing Multiple Interfaces

06m 27s

Developing The Plan For Our System

02m 19s

Adding In The Abstract Class - Part 1

08m 2s

Adding In The Abstract Class - Part 2

04m 25s

Testing The Abstract Class - Part 1

07m 55s

Testing The Abstract Class - Part 2

06m 43s

The Race Manager

06m 11s

Chapter: Exceptions

Introduction To Exceptions

07m 45s

Unchecked Exceptions

08m 7s

Checked Exceptions

08m 8s

Custom Exceptions

03m 54s

Additional Study

05m 20s

Unit Testing Your Exceptions

06m 40s

Chapter: String Manipulation

StringBuilder To Construct Strings

02m 54s


05m 34s

String Tokenizer

04m 49s

Other String Operations

07m 51s

Regular Expressions In String Searching

05m 11s

Strategy - Searching The Race Manager

07m 33s

Chapter: File And Binary Serialization

Reading And Writing Text Files Using Scanner

05m 19s

Reading And Writing Text Files Using BufferedReader And BufferedWriter

05m 0s

Loading And Saving The Race To And From Flat Text Files - Part 1

06m 4s

Loading And Saving The Race To And From Flat Text Files - Part 2

03m 22s

Binary Streams

06m 44s

Random Access Files

08m 23s

The Serializable Interface

02m 45s

Binary State Files

06m 41s

Race Manager Save And Restore

04m 13s

Chapter: Database Operations Using Java And JDBC

Creating The Database At Appharbor

05m 3s

Getting MySQL ConnectorJ And Org.Json Jar Files

02m 59s

DBmanager Architecture Overview

06m 15s

Creating Athletes And Athlete Type Tables

06m 16s

Inserting Athletes And Athlete Types

06m 13s

Updating Athlete Name And Age

04m 38s

Deleting Athletes By Racer ID

03m 14s

Populating Athletes From Database To Race Manager

04m 40s

Chapter: Basic GUI Programming

Simple GUI Window With JFrame

06m 40s

Adding A JPanel To The JFrame

03m 48s

JLabels And JTextfield

05m 13s

Simple Input And Message Dialogs

03m 18s

JButtons And ActionListeners

06m 10s

Layout Managers

07m 51s

JDesktopPane And JInternalFrame

05m 2s

Get Eclipse Windowbuilder Pro

02m 0s

Use Windowbuilder To Build Out A Simple GUI

07m 8s

Racemanager In A GUI

08m 3s

Chapter: Generic Programming And Iteration

Overview Of Generic Programming

06m 5s

Writing Generic Methods

06m 12s

Writing Generic Classes

08m 20s

Bounded Type Parameters

03m 55s

Bounded Type Parameters In Classes And Methods

04m 32s

Another Look At The Arraylist

04m 16s

OOP Design Problem - Iteration

04m 55s

An Iterable Best Data Container

08m 31s

Chapter: Additional Data Structures And Concepts

A Custom Single-Linked List

08m 17s

The Collection Interface

02m 22s

The List And ListIterator Interface

04m 14s

Examination Of The Linkedlist

03m 6s

Working With The Java Linkedlist

08m 53s

Examination Of The Vector

02m 42s

Working With The Vector

02m 41s

Examination Of The Stack

04m 40s

Working With The Java Stack

04m 23s

Examination Of The Queue

04m 6s

Working With The Queue

03m 4s

Examination Of The Dictionary And Map

02m 52s

Examination Of The The HashMap

02m 52s

Working With The Java HashMap

05m 2s

Chapter: Multi-threading And Networking

Introduction To Threading

06m 19s

Basic Threading Example

05m 23s

Thread Interference And Synchronizing

06m 28s

Introduction To Distributed Programming

03m 54s

Simple Client And Server Example Code Overview

04m 44s

Creating Runnables And Execute The Simple Advisor Client And Server

04m 50s

Chapter: Lambda Programming In Java 8

Introduction To Lambda Programming - Part 1

06m 4s

Introduction To Lambda Programming - Part 2

04m 17s

Functional Interfaces - Part 1

06m 51s

Functional Interfaces - Part 2

06m 9s

Streams, Sorting, Filtering And Mapping - Part 1

07m 9s

Streams, Sorting, Filtering And Mapping - Part 2

07m 59s

Suppliers, Consumers And The New Person Factory

05m 34s

Chapter: Above And Beyond

Getting Spring Tools

04m 16s

Introduction To Inversion Of Control Using Spring

07m 21s

Advanced Dependency Injection

07m 26s

Using Spring Simple Rest Client To Pull Data From Facebook Pages

04m 39s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Wrap-Up

02m 23s