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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


05m 4s

About The Author

01m 52s

Cross Platform Options

05m 47s

Intro To Xamarin Mono

06m 53s

Installing Required Tools

02m 11s

Hello World

03m 18s

Android Emulators

06m 59s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Layouts

Stack Layout

04m 3s

Absolute Layout

05m 15s

Relative Layout

06m 53s

Grid Layout

06m 48s

Content View

01m 1s

Scroll View

02m 23s


03m 32s

Chapter: User Interface Controls

Label And Entry

06m 24s


03m 52s


04m 13s


02m 56s

Date And Time Pickers

06m 4s


04m 4s


03m 53s

Box View

02m 8s

Activity Indicator And Progress Bar

07m 15s

Search Bar

02m 59s


02m 32s

Picker Control

04m 12s


06m 23s

Map Options

04m 41s

List View

02m 55s

List View Options

06m 9s

Web View

03m 10s

Chapter: Page Types

Navigation Page

04m 20s

Master Detail Page

05m 54s

Tabbed Page

02m 42s

Carousel Page

02m 57s

Chapter: Tables And Grids

Table View Control

03m 16s

View Cell

05m 38s

Image Cell

03m 13s

Switch Cell

04m 33s

Entry Cell

04m 25s

Chapter: Local Data Access

Database Access

05m 15s

Database Write And Delete

03m 49s

Database Read

04m 5s

Chapter: Remote Data

JSON Web Service

03m 12s

Retrieve JSON Data

04m 35s

Update JSON Data

04m 37s

Chapter: Portable Class Libraries And Device Features

Intro To Portable Class Libraries

03m 33s

Photo Picker

05m 40s


05m 24s


02m 25s


02m 21s

Chapter: Conclusion

Conclusion And Resources

03m 21s