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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction

Introduction And About The Author

00m 52s

What You Should Expect

00m 23s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Getting Started

Setting Up Your Command Manager And Toolbars

01m 44s

Overview Of A Surface

02m 4s

Explanation Of The Tools Available

02m 48s

Overview Of Sketching Splines

08m 12s

Overview Of Sketching Conics And Parabolas

07m 31s

Chapter: 03. Basic Surface

Extruded Surface

04m 18s

Revolved Surface

03m 15s

Planar Surface

02m 38s

Chapter: 04. Swept Surface

Defining Swept Surface Sketches

03m 28s

Guide Curves

02m 42s


04m 28s

Tangency Options

02m 30s

Things To Watch Out For

02m 56s

Chapter: 05. Lofted Surface

Defining Lofted Surface Sketches

03m 38s

Start And End Constraints And Twist

03m 18s

Guide Curves For Lofted Surfaces

05m 49s

Guide Curve Influence

02m 25s

Center-Line Loft

01m 45s

Drag Sketch

02m 0s

Lofting Between Surfaces

02m 29s

Chapter: 06. Boundary Surface

Boundary Surface Inputs - 2D

03m 24s

Boundary Surface Inputs - 3D

04m 18s

Boundary Surface Inputs - Projected Curve

09m 38s

Boundary Surface Inputs - Edges

02m 56s

Display Options For Boundary Surface

03m 11s

Chapter: 07. Filled Surface

New Surface Vs. Patching A Surface

03m 32s

Helper Surfaces And Why They Are Useful

02m 7s

Filled Surface Sketch Inputs

02m 39s

Sketch And Edge Inputs

02m 0s

Constraint Curves

02m 1s

Filled Surface Options

04m 55s

Chapter: 08. Freeform

Edge Continuity

04m 6s

Control Curves - Part 1

05m 27s

Control Curves - Part 2

01m 13s

Control Points

03m 0s

Freeform Display Options

03m 14s

Using A Sketch With Control Points

02m 8s

Chapter: 09. Planar Surface

Planar Surface Sketch Inputs

01m 4s

Edge Inputs

00m 46s

Chapter: 10. Offset Surface

Offset Surface Creation

04m 34s

Chapter: 11. Ruled Surface

Tangent To Surface

01m 12s

Normal To Surface

01m 29s

Tapered To Vector

02m 25s

Perpendicular To Vector

01m 20s


01m 32s

Ruled Surface Options

02m 23s

Chapter: 12. Delete And Replace Face

Delete Face Options

05m 12s

Replace Face

01m 21s

Chapter: 13. Extend Surface

End Conditions

00m 59s

Extension Types

01m 57s

Chapter: 14. Trim Surface

Standard Trim

01m 47s

Mutual Trim

01m 20s

Surface Split Options

02m 52s

Chapter: 15. Untrim Surface

Untrim Command

05m 7s

Chapter: 16. Knit Surface

Knit Command

03m 54s

Chapter: 17. Thicken

Thicken Command

Chapter: 18. Thickened Cut And Cut With A Surface

Thickened Cut With A Solid

02m 10s

Cut With A Surface

02m 31s

Benefits of Thickened Cut And Cut With A Surface Commands

02m 34s

Chapter: 19. Conic Fillets

Conic Fillets

06m 58s

Chapter: 20. Surface Certification Preparation

Recommended Preparation

04m 15s

Getting Ready For The Exam

03m 2s

Exam Strategies

03m 18s

Practice Exam

04m 20s