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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction


01m 25s

About The Author

00m 57s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. The First Issues Of Template Creation

Creating A Template From Scratch

03m 22s


08m 31s

Project Browser Organization

07m 43s

Elevation Tags

08m 21s


04m 17s

Drafting Views

05m 55s


07m 26s

View Naming

07m 5s

Symbols From CAD

07m 23s

Chapter: 03. Annotation

Text Style

03m 50s

Line Style

04m 37s

Line Weights

04m 58s

Line Patterns

04m 52s

Fill Patterns

05m 21s

Dimension Styles

05m 23s

Arrow Heads

04m 8s

Chapter: 04. Tags And Titles

Callout Tags

06m 58s

Section Tags

07m 0s

Revision Tags

03m 37s

View Title

05m 24s

Room Space Area Tags

05m 44s

Chapter: 05. Project Information And Parameters

Project Information

01m 44s

Shared Parameter

06m 27s

Chapter: 06. Title Blocks

Modifying The Title Block

07m 4s

Title Block And Shared Parameters

05m 33s


02m 48s

Chapter: 07. Visibility

Object Styles

03m 15s

Visibility Graphics

02m 3s

View Filters

05m 1s

View Template

03m 55s

Chapter: 08. Architectural

Wall Partitions And Wall Tags

Editing Wall Tags

07m 1s

Three Tips For Floors

07m 55s

Door Schedule

04m 31s

Door Elevations

04m 51s

Door Tags

06m 12s

Chapter: 09. Structural

Structural Settings - Overview

01m 33s

Structural Settings - Symbolic

06m 28s

Structural Grid Symbols

06m 14s

Chapter: 10. Mechanical

Duct And Pipe Settings

06m 9s

Mechanical Equipment Advice

03m 48s

Duct And Pipe Routing Preferences

04m 47s

Chapter: 11. Electrical

Electrical Settings

07m 39s

Chapter: 12. Construction

Material Takeoff Schedule

03m 5s

Chapter: 13. Interiors

Room Finish Schedule

06m 50s

Material Tags

01m 36s

Chapter: 14. Miscellaneous

Starting View

01m 34s

Additional Settings

00m 46s

Sheet Issues And Revisions

01m 35s

Printer Settings

02m 13s

North Arrow

06m 44s

Keynote File

03m 30s

Keynote Legend

01m 45s

Keynote Tag

03m 29s

Site Settings

02m 29s

Revit.INI Overview

02m 18s