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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction To Configured Design

About Configured Design

01m 44s

About The Author

00m 51s

Parameter Review

06m 36s

Model Linking

06m 11s

Excel Linking And Embedding

05m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. iFeatures

What Are iFeatures?

02m 30s

Creating iFeatures

07m 46s

Placing iFeatures

04m 46s

Editing iFeatures

03m 3s

Table Driven iFeatures

06m 21s

iFeature Application Options

03m 49s

Copying Features Vs. iFeatures

03m 18s

Chapter: 03. iParts

What Are iParts?

01m 43s

iPart Creation - Part 1

03m 13s

iPart Creation - Part 2

05m 9s

iPart Creation - Part 3

04m 25s

iPart Place And Replace

04m 15s

Editing An iPart

03m 22s

iPart Documentation

05m 30s

iPart Updating

05m 16s

Content Center Publishing

06m 46s

Chapter: 04. iAssemblies

What Are iAssemblies?

01m 45s

Create Basic iAssemblies - Part 1

05m 29s

Create Basic iAssemblies - Part 2

06m 11s

Create Multi-Level iAssemblies

08m 58s

iAssembly Place And Replace

01m 47s

Documenting iAssemblies

04m 21s

iAssembly Updating

01m 34s

Chapter: 05. iLogic

iLogic Overview

02m 43s

iLogic Interface

04m 17s

Conditional Statements - Part 1

09m 19s

Conditional Statements - Part 2

04m 36s

Rule Options And Wizards

05m 35s

Triggering And Forms

07m 17s

Smart Templates

02m 14s

Chapter: 06. Wrap-Up

Configured Design Recap

01m 15s