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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome and About the Authors

01m 28s

Introduction to the Video Series

03m 45s

Chapter: Preparing for Interviews

Building and Marketing Your Skills

18m 33s

Understanding the Interview Process

04m 9s

Getting Hired is a Skill

05m 19s

Understanding the Data Science Skills Map

04m 18s

Common Questions in Data Science Interviews

02m 40s

Data Science Job Titles

02m 40s

Chapter: Getting Interviews

The Interview Funnel

02m 0s

Effective Strategies for Getting Hired

01m 30s

Crafting a Sales Pitch

05m 16s

Finding Quality Leads through Your Network

02m 11s

Direct Messaging Your Sales Pitch

04m 34s

Hard Work is Your Friend

02m 35s

Chapter: Real-World Experiences

Introduction to Greg Kamradt

00m 28s

Greg's Interview Funnel

02m 29s

Sourcing Interviews

03m 26s


08m 36s


13m 13s

Chapter: Mock Interviews

Introduction to Mock Interviews

03m 52s

Mock Interview: Software Engineering Technical

11m 54s

Analysis of Software Engineering Technical Interview

08m 24s

Mock Interview: Data Science Theory

13m 12s

Analysis of Data Science Theory Interview

03m 6s

Mock Interview: Applied Data Science

18m 22s

Analysis of Applied Data Science Interview

05m 39s

Chapter: Negotiation

Evaluating Offers

04m 59s

What is a Data Scientist Worth?

02m 50s

Negotiating Salary

02m 33s

Many Things are Negotiable

04m 47s

Help, I've Never Done This Before

01m 43s

Giving Yourself Room to Grow

02m 34s


00m 49s