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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

01m 0s

About The Author

00m 38s

What You Need To Know

01m 54s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Software Required

07m 3s

Installing Node.JS - Mac OSX

06m 18s

Installing Node.JS - Windows

04m 6s

Super Quick Setup With Yeoman

06m 12s

Installing EmberJS

01m 54s

How To Work With The Code Samples

03m 24s

Chapter: About Ember.JS

What Is EmberJS

01m 49s

Chapter: Concepts For Making The App

Setting Up The Wireframe - Our End Goal

02m 6s

Chapter: Basic Styles For Creating And Displaying Categories

Setting Up The EmberJS App

05m 17s

Making HTML And CSS For The Category Page

04m 2s

Installing EmberJS Templates

06m 7s

Chapter: Building The Model For Categories

Defining The Category Model

04m 27s

Making A Fixture For Category Model

02m 54s

Editing The Template To Display The Fixture

03m 53s

Chapter: Creating Category Pages

Adding Dynamic Routes And Template

06m 15s

Link Back To Category Page

01m 40s

Chapter: Creating And Displaying Items

Building The Items Model, Fixture And Template

05m 44s

Adding A Controller To Create Items

07m 28s

Chapter: Working With Categories

Adding Categories

02m 43s

Adding A Route All Category

04m 12s

Using Partials To Dry Up Code

02m 19s

Kick Away The Fixtures

04m 59s

Chapter: Deleting And Editing And Totals

Adding A Delete Button To The Templates

03m 2s

Actions For Deleting Items

03m 22s

Actions For Deleting Categories

02m 36s

Displaying An Item Count

05m 20s

Editing Items

05m 56s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up, Extra Tools And Additional Resources

03m 35s