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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Overview Of Free Web Based Email Systems

What Are Web Based Free Email Programs?

07m 26s

Using The Files Provided With This Course

00m 55s

Chapter: 02. Using Windows Live/Hotmail

Signing Up For A Free Hotmail/Windows Live Account

02m 37s

Hotmail/Windows Live Interface Introduction

03m 16s

Creating And Sending An Email

05m 28s

Receiving And Reading Emails

03m 10s

Replying To And Forwarding Hotmail Emails

05m 56s

Correct Use Of Carbon Copy And Blind Carbon Copy

02m 19s

Spellchecking A Message Before Sending

03m 32s

Attaching Files To An Email

03m 13s

Receiving Opening And/Or Saving Attachments

03m 58s

Making Use Of The Draft Facility In Hotmail

02m 44s

Chapter: 03. Windows Live/Hotmail Management

Setting The Importance Level Of Emails

02m 48s

Adding An Email Signature

03m 50s

Managing Your Own Mail Folders

03m 6s

Moving Emails Between Folders

02m 55s

Changing The Status Of Emails

02m 19s

Deleting Emails

02m 42s

Controlling Junk Email

05m 1s

Monitoring The Size Of The Mailbox

01m 24s

Chapter: 04. Windows Live/Hotmail Address Book

Overview Of Hotmail Contact List

01m 40s

Manually Adding A Contact

02m 57s

Controlling The Automatic Addition Of Contacts

02m 43s

Editing/Deleting Contacts

02m 47s

Importing And Exporting Contact List Information

04m 30s

Chapter: 05. Windows Live/ Hotmail Calendar

Hotmail Calendar Overview

03m 9s

Adding Appointments And Birthdays

04m 58s

Editing/Removing Appointments And Birthdays

05m 6s

Chapter: 06. Googles Gmail

Signing Up For A Free Gmail Account

02m 59s

Finding Your Way Around The Gmail Screen

03m 48s

Creating And Sending A Gmail

03m 37s

Sending Emails To More Than One Recipient

03m 55s

Receiving Emails

02m 50s

Replying To An Email

03m 16s

Deleting Emails

02m 7s

Forwarding An Email

01m 53s

Formatting Text Within Your Email

04m 16s

Spellchecking Your Message Before Sending

02m 49s

Using Gmails Starred Facility

02m 26s

Adding An Attachment To Your Email

03m 6s

Viewing/Opening/Saving Attached Files With Gmail

03m 39s

Using The Draft Capabilities Of Gmail

04m 14s

Managing Mail Labels (Folders)

06m 55s

Adding A Signature To Your Emails

02m 38s

Chapter: 07. Gmail Contacts

Overview Of Gmail Contacts

02m 55s

Adding New Contacts

04m 21s

Editing/Deleting Contacts

02m 51s

Importing Contacts From Other Email Programs

02m 46s

Exporting Your Gmail Contacts

02m 36s

Chapter: 08. The Gmail Calendar

Adding An Appointment To Your Google Calendar

04m 7s

Editing, Moving And Deleting Appointments

03m 46s

Chapter: 09. Using Yahoo! Mail

Signing Up For A Free Yahoo Email Account

03m 57s

Overview Of The Yahoo Interface

03m 31s

Creating And Sending A Yahoo! Email

04m 0s

Sending Emails To More Than One Recipient

02m 58s

Receive And Read Emails

04m 23s

Replying To The Sender Of An Email

04m 37s

Forwarding An Email

02m 56s

Making Use Of The Draft Folder

03m 20s

Adding A Signature To All Emails Sent

02m 44s

Spellchecking Your Message

03m 15s

Attaching Files To Emails

02m 51s

Opening, Previewing And Saving Attached Files

05m 4s

Deleting Emails

02m 52s

Managing Yahoo! Mail Folders

03m 39s

Controlling Spam Junk Email

04m 14s

Setting The Holiday Auto Responder

02m 47s

Chapter: 10. Yahoo! Contacts

Overview Of Contacts

01m 40s

Adding A New Contact

03m 49s

Categorizing Contacts

03m 29s

Editing Deleting Contacts

04m 56s

Importing Contacts From Other Programs

05m 2s

Exporting Contacts For Use In Other Programs

02m 40s

Removing Duplicate Contacts

01m 53s

Chapter: 11. The Yahoo! Calendar

Overview Of Yahoo! Calendar Tool

02m 51s

Adding Appointments

06m 48s

Editing, Moving And Deleting Appointments

03m 32s

Sharing Your Yahoo! Calendar With Others

05m 11s

Chapter: 12. Summary

Comparison Summary Of The Three Email Systems

03m 57s

About The Author

01m 16s