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Table of Contents

Chapter: 01. Introduction To Photoshop Elements 13


00m 45s

About The Author

03m 0s

Top Ten Features From Andy

04m 12s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: 02. Getting Started


00m 45s

The Elements Welcome Screen

02m 12s

The Photoshop Elements Interface

04m 28s

Working With Bins And Panels

03m 14s

Image Editing With A New Window

02m 32s

Accessing Multiple Images

02m 12s

Controlling Undo And Redo

02m 47s

Using Rulers And Guides

05m 37s

Controlling Grids And Guides With Preferences

02m 54s

Using Actions For Efficiency And Consistency

04m 30s

Gaining A Performance Boost With Preferences

04m 40s

Chapter: 03. Capture Techniques

Introduction To Capture Techniques

00m 44s

Importing Images From Multiple Locations

03m 58s

Importing Photos And Videos From A Camera

02m 54s

Importing Photos From iPhoto

03m 47s

Chapter: 04. Getting Organized With The Elements Organizer

Introduction To Elements Organizer

00m 42s

Working In The Organizer Workspace

03m 57s

Controlling Image Information

02m 47s

Loading Image Files

01m 42s

Basic Image Tagging

03m 47s

Tagging And Applying Keywords

07m 41s

Organizing With Facial Recognition

02m 48s

Marking Places In Media

05m 19s

Loading Missing Media

02m 57s

Creating A Slideshow

04m 6s

Chapter: 05. Organizing With Albums, Stacks, And Catalogs

Introduction To Albums, Stacks And Catalogs

00m 50s

Creating A Local Album

06m 23s

Creating An Instant Album

02m 27s

Importing Media To An Album

02m 0s

Editing Inside And Outside The Album

02m 34s

Working With Mobile Albums

05m 15s

Organizing With Stacks

05m 0s

Performing A Regular Backup

03m 34s

Working With Elements Catalogs

03m 16s

Optimizing And Repairing A Catalog

02m 59s

Updating A Catalog

01m 44s

Chapter: 06. Basic Image Techniques

Introduction To Image Techniques

00m 42s

Loading The Working Files

02m 14s

Cropping Essentials

07m 10s

Cropping Suggestions

02m 11s

Straightening An Image

02m 49s

Move Objects With Content Aware Move

05m 25s

Using The Recompose Tool

07m 0s

Chapter: 07. eLive, Quick And Guided Modes

Introduction To Modes

00m 44s

Loading The Working Files

01m 46s

Working In eLive

01m 56s

Quickly Adjusting Images

06m 11s

Apply One Click Effects, Textures And Frames

05m 23s

Touchups In Guided Mode

03m 40s

Photo Effects In Guided Mode

02m 58s

Camera Effects In Guided Mode

02m 12s

Photo Play In Guided Mode

02m 42s

Fixing Red Eye

02m 35s

Dealing With Glowing Animal Eyes

02m 25s

Putting The White Back Into Teeth

03m 20s

Saving And Locked Files

03m 2s

Chapter: 08. Controlling Image Edits With Selection

Introduction To Image Edits

00m 52s

Loading The Working Files

01m 51s

Working With Selection Options

05m 34s

Basic Selection Techniques

08m 6s

Working With The Lasso Tools

07m 16s

Using The Quick Selection Tool

05m 9s

Working With The Magic Wand Tool

05m 14s

Saving Selections

02m 49s

Working With Refine Edge

06m 6s

Apply Tonal Correction With The Auto Smart Tool

04m 17s

Chapter: 09. Gaining Control With Layers

Introduction To Controlling Layers

00m 43s

Loading The Exercise Files

01m 23s

Layers And Layer Options

06m 32s

Converting A Background Into A Layer

03m 23s

Layer Stacking Order And Merging

06m 12s

Copying Layers

05m 57s

Layer Masks And Blending Modes

08m 30s

Understanding Clipping Masks

03m 47s

Working With Adjustment Layers

03m 59s

Chapter: 10. Working In The World Of Color

Introduction To The World Of Color

00m 59s

Loading The Working Files

00m 57s

Understanding The Role Of Color In Elements

05m 1s

Working With The Histogram

08m 5s

Gaining Control Of Color Correction

04m 15s

Working With Multiple Exposures

05m 15s

Handling Color Casts

04m 27s

Enhancing Image Contrast

03m 51s

Moving From Color To Grayscale

04m 18s

Removing Areas Of Image Color

03m 43s

Replacing Image Color

02m 52s

Managing Shadows And Highlights

03m 10s

Tinting An Image

03m 15s

Chapter: 11. Additional Image Manipulation Techniques

Introduction To Image Manipulation

00m 53s

Loading The Working Files

01m 22s

Changing Image Information With Cloning

08m 2s

Image Restoration

07m 50s

Age Tinting An Image

03m 10s

Customizing Vignettes

03m 11s

Using Multiple Images To Create A Panorama

02m 34s

Low And High Key Images

03m 10s

Working With The Dodge, Burn And Sponge Tools

04m 33s

Using Photo Play

02m 31s

Chapter: 12. The Raw And DNG Formats

Introduction To Formats

00m 56s

Loading The Working Files

01m 1s

Raw Files And The Raw Plug-In

04m 9s

Raw Plug-In Preferences

02m 44s

Adjusting Raw Images

07m 38s

Working With Camera Calibration

02m 56s

When To Sharpen An Image

03m 32s

Removing Image Noise

03m 52s

Opening Non-Raw Images

01m 35s

The DNG Image Format

02m 56s

Chapter: 13. Elements Effects And Filters

Introduction To Effects And Filters

00m 40s

Loading The Working Files

00m 41s

Working With The Smart Brush

04m 5s

Using Elements Filters

01m 58s

Effects And Layer Masks

02m 24s

Understanding Styles

04m 3s

Utilizing Graphics

03m 46s

Gaining Control With The Filter Gallery

04m 39s

Generating Favorites

01m 12s

Chapter: 14. Additional Special Effects

Introduction To Special Effects

00m 38s

Loading The Working Files

00m 59s

Replacing Image Color

05m 4s

The Elements Brush Controls

07m 39s

Creating Custom Brushes

02m 43s

Generating Reflections

06m 22s

Creating Wireframes From Objects

05m 13s

Creative Uses Of Gradients And Layer Masks

06m 37s

Correcting Images With Camera Distortion

04m 27s

Chapter: 15. Working With Text

Introduction To Working With Text

00m 38s

Photoshop Elements And Text

07m 39s

Incorporating Horizontal And Vertical Text

05m 23s

Loading The Working Files

00m 39s

Adding Text To Shapes And Paths

06m 2s

Warping Text And Applying Styles

03m 44s

Working With Text Masks

04m 0s

Controlling The Perspective Of Text

07m 18s

Chapter: 16. Elements Output Options

Introduction To Output Options

00m 34s

Elements And The World Wide Web

07m 47s

Performing A Local Print Job

06m 21s

The Best Way To Save Files

03m 26s

Processing Multiple Files And Adding Watermarks

02m 47s

Utilizing Image Information

04m 12s

Creating An Info Template

02m 30s

Chapter: 17. Additional Considerations

Additional Considerations

00m 32s

Creating Personalized Greeting Cards

05m 19s

Producing A Photo Book And The Photo Bin

02m 33s

Generating Contact Sheets

02m 17s

Working With Picture Package And Shutterfly

02m 12s

Creating A Cover Photo For Facebook

04m 52s

Chapter: 18. Conclusion

Final Thoughts

01m 2s