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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To Objective-C

05m 36s

Catching Up With Versions

05m 41s

Chapter: Working With Xcode

Getting Started With Xcode

06m 27s

Introducing The Workspace Window

08m 23s

Exploring The Navigation Area

05m 35s

Using The Utilities Area - The Library

05m 57s

Using The Utilities Area - The Inspectors

04m 43s

Editing Code - The Basics

04m 37s

Editing Code - Advanced Features

05m 46s

Finding And Searching

06m 15s

Using The Jump Bar

06m 7s

Working With The Assistant

04m 56s

Tracking Changes With Xcode

08m 5s

Working With Branches

07m 0s

Setting Preferences

05m 38s

Chapter: Understanding Objective-C

The Objective-C Goal - C With Objects

04m 33s

Exploring The Class Hierarchy

05m 41s

Sending Messages

04m 47s

Definitions And Declarations

07m 4s

Chapter: Looking At The Structure Of An Objective-C App - The Code Story

Building MDA App

07m 45s

How Main Works

04m 59s

Exploring The Interface Of The Class

05m 40s

Exploring The Implementation Of The Class

05m 5s

Using @class And #import Directives

05m 32s

Creating A Class

06m 12s

Using The Class

06m 56s

Setting A Breakpoint On The Declaration

04m 1s

Creating The Class Instance

05m 2s

Chapter: Using Declared Properties

Using Declared Properties Today

04m 58s

Adding Attributes To Properties

04m 27s

Synthesizing Properties Directly And Automatically

06m 6s

Fine-Tuning Declared Properties With Getters And Setters

04m 16s

Chapter: Managing Memory

Considering Qualifiers And Decorators

05m 22s

Understanding The Need For Memory Management

05m 11s

Automatic Reference Counting - ARC

05m 31s

Chapter: Creating A Class

Letting Xcode Do The Work

06m 2s

Testing The App

05m 24s

Building The Interface - Part 1

06m 13s

Building The Interface - Part 2

04m 43s

Wiring Up The Interface

05m 38s

Aligning Interface Views - Text Field

04m 32s

Sizing Interface Views - Text Field

05m 6s

Wiring Up The Text Field

03m 4s

Wiring Up The Button

05m 6s

Implementing The Action

04m 49s

Chapter: Working With The Collection Classes

Introducing Collection Classes

06m 6s

Setting Up The Test Class

04m 26s

Setting up The Test Method

02m 41s

Mutable And Immutable Collections

04m 31s

Using Objective-C Literals

03m 18s

Creating An NSDictionary

02m 48s

Enumerating An Array

05m 27s

Using Fast Enumeration

05m 4s

Working With Dictionaries

03m 8s

Chapter: Using The Debugger

Breakpoints Overview

04m 18s

Setting Breakpoints

04m 16s

Exploring Values

06m 11s

Editing Breakpoints

04m 44s

Stepping Through Code

03m 54s

Using NSLog

03m 56s

Chapter: Using Protocols And Delegates

Dealing With The Multiple Inheritance Issue

06m 40s

Looking At A Protocol

05m 59s

Using A Protocol And Delegate

05m 3s

Reviewing A Protocol And Delegate

05m 13s

Chapter: Working With Extensions And Categories

Using Class Extensions

05m 2s

Using Class Categories

04m 20s

Chapter: Using Blocks

Introducing Blocks

05m 13s

Getting Inside A Block

06m 30s

Using Blocks

02m 38s

Chapter: Handling Exceptions

Causing An Error

03m 28s

Using The Try-Catch Paradigm

03m 41s

Throwing An Exception

02m 20s

Chapter: Using The Target-Action Pattern

Introducing Target-Action Pattern

03m 22s

Exploring The Button Init

04m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And About The Author

03m 34s