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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Web Apps without Web Services

Overview of Video

01m 25s

Chapter: Web Apps vs. Native Apps

Web Apps vs. Native Apps

02m 20s

Installations, Updates and Permissions

08m 44s

User Experience

15m 44s

Chapter: Offline-First Web Apps

Offline-First Web Apps

07m 29s

Hosting Architecture

05m 22s

Design Challenges

10m 58s

Chapter: Offline-Friendly Libraries

Offline-Friendly Libraries

01m 28s

Using the App Cache

08m 47s

Using Service Workers

09m 57s

I/O in the Browser

05m 5s

Offline Persistence

22m 5s

WebApp Manifest

05m 28s

Chapter: Third-Party Services

Third-Party Web Services

03m 33s


04m 29s

The Same-Origin Policy

03m 44s

Chapter: Coding an Offline-First Web App

Coding an Offline-First Web App

01m 36s

Setting Up a Grunt Build

02m 50s

Basic App Cache Functionality

05m 31s

IndexedDB CRUD Operations

12m 51s

App Cache & Service Worker Approaches

03m 18s

Creating a WebApp Manifest

15m 10s

Replacing App Cache with Service Workers

09m 50s

Chapter: Summary

Review of Coding an Offline-First Web App

02m 29s