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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 3s

Meet the LAMP Stack

09m 51s

Introducing the MEAN Stack

08m 27s

Chapter: Node JS

Platform/Deconstructing the Browser

13m 28s

Meet V8: Your Friendly Neighborhood Headless JavaScript Engine

07m 16s

Headless JavaScript: JS Outside of the Browser

10m 38s

Chapter: Express JS

Web Server/NodeJS Isn’t the Web Server: Here’s Why

10m 58s

Introducing CommonJS: Modules, Packages, and NPM (Oh My!)

20m 25s

Installing ExpressJS

05m 58s

ExpressJS Middleware and Routes

10m 41s

Chapter: MongoDB

Persistence/Relational Databases and NoSQL Solutions

14m 4s

Strong vs. Weak Typing

10m 32s

Reducing Language and Modeling Impedance Mismatch

13m 35s

MongooseJS: Object Modeling for MongoDB

08m 33s

Chapter: Angular JS

Single-Page Applications with Angular JS

21m 4s

The 4 Characteristics of Angular JS: HTML-centric

07m 20s

The 4 Characteristics of Angular JS: Declarative

08m 47s

The 4 Characteristics of Angular JS: Component-oriented

09m 42s

The 4 Characteristics of Angular JS: Dependency Injection

05m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion


03m 57s