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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 15s

About The Author

00m 22s

Chapter: Getting Started

Installation And System Requirements

02m 19s

Creating Bootable Media - Windows

03m 40s

Creating Bootable Media - Mac

02m 51s

Installing And Booting Linux Mint

06m 48s

Chapter: Overview Of Linux Mint

The Mint Menu

07m 47s

The Mint Panel - Part 1

06m 28s

The Mint Panel - Part 2

06m 20s

The Desktop Context Menu

08m 40s

Installing New Software

03m 25s

Multiple Workspaces

04m 10s

Chapter: File Management

Working With The Nemo File Management Utility

10m 22s

The Mint File System And Directory Tree

05m 24s

The Root User

04m 13s

Chapter: Navigating And Permissions

Command Shell Primer And Navigating The File System

08m 21s

Directory And File Operations

08m 35s

Search Operations

06m 20s

Permissions - Part 1

07m 4s

Permissions - Part 2

04m 5s

Chapter: Text Editing

Text Editing - Part 1

06m 50s

Text Editing - Part 2

04m 53s

Chapter: Appearance And System Settings

Appearance - Themes

05m 6s

Appearance - Backgrounds

01m 50s

Appearance - Effects And Fonts

06m 12s

System Preferences - Part 1

08m 57s

System Preferences - Part 2

09m 5s

System Hardware - Part 1

08m 33s

System Hardware - Part 2

05m 36s

Chapter: Advanced Topics

Logins, Device Drivers, Software Sources, Users And Groups

09m 26s

Disks And Usage - The Disks Application

03m 32s

Disk Management - Disk Usage Analyzer

03m 58s

Disk Management - GParted Partition Editor

06m 20s

Network Adapters And Configuration

04m 57s

Networking - Samba Networking Server

05m 29s

Software Package Updates

02m 56s

Operating System Upgrade

06m 52s

System Logs, Monitoring And Backup

07m 6s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap-Up And Further Resources

01m 16s