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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Twilio and Pusher

Setting Up a Twilio Account

08m 12s

Creating a Pusher Account and Exploring the Features

07m 19s

Chapter: Numbers and Messages

Installing and Setting Up the Twilio SDK

02m 33s

Searching for, Provisioning, and Managing Phone Numbers

04m 30s

Sending and Receiving Messages

04m 51s

Chapter: Calls

Making Outgoing and Incoming Calls

05m 57s

Conference Calls

03m 50s

Recording and Transcribing

05m 7s


03m 54s

Chapter: Real-time Communication

Sending Data to Pusher

04m 28s

Listening for Real-time Information

04m 28s

Pushing in the Background

09m 45s

Chapter: Real-time Call Requests

Requesting a Callback

03m 44s

Listening for Callbacks

01m 49s

Fulfilling the Callback

03m 10s

Chapter: Phone Number Verification

Verifying a User's Phone Number

05m 42s

Updating the User in Real-time

02m 43s

Chapter: IVR Triggered Activity Streams

Pushing the IVR Activity to Pusher

04m 31s

Building a Real-time Stream

04m 4s