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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Why React?

10m 9s

Setting Up

01m 52s

Chapter: Basic Building

A Simple Component

07m 58s

A Whole Widget

06m 12s

Chapter: JSX

Jumping Into JSX

13m 47s

JSX and Props

09m 7s

Chapter: Interactivity, With Two Twists

The React Lifecycle

04m 12s

Local State

03m 3s

A More Interactive Component

07m 33s

Working With a Model

07m 5s

Chapter: The Flux Pattern

What's The Flux?

05m 22s

Writing Our Own Spinner

04m 27s

A Quick Side Trip Into Inline Styles

05m 9s

Actions and the Dispatcher

06m 54s

Consuming From the Store

21m 21s

Chapter: Isomorphic Apps

A Brief Look Around The Server

10m 54s

Multiple Routes and Other Concerns

08m 8s

Chapter: The Future

From Mixins to ES6

06m 48s

Testing and Animation

07m 56s

And Now...React Native

11m 57s