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01m 38s

The beginnings of Calm Technology

06m 13s

How ubquitious computing will change everything

05m 10s

The coming storm: why technology must be calm

03m 25s

Calm Technology offers a way out

05m 57s

Principles of Calm Technology

24m 23s

Calm Communication Patterns

06m 9s

Status Tone

04m 43s

Status Shout

04m 45s

Haptic Alert

03m 56s

Ambient Awareness

03m 45s

Timed Triggers

01m 33s

Contextual Trigger

01m 20s

Feedback Loop

04m 20s

Calm Communication Patterns Wrap-Up

01m 16s

The World is not a desktop

03m 37s

Calm technology in your Organization

03m 45s

The Future of Calm Technology

05m 35s